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Mindful activities to do with your children (other than meditation)

Mindful activities to do with your children (other than meditation)

8 May, 2020

Staying indoors is boring for a child. They miss playing outdoors with their friends, going to their favourite malls, or eating at their favourite restaurant. Kavita Panyam, a Psychologist and Life coach shares her suggestions for mindful activities to do with your children to make it fun and interesting for them, when your child turns up to you and says he/ she is bored.

Get them involved in the kitchen

Instead of asking your child to be busy playing while you work in the kitchen does not work most of the times. Instead, get them in the kitchen along with you and let them explore and observe. To keep them busy, give them pots and spoons, along with dry grain or pulses to play with. These are easy to clean and will keep your child busy. Also. children love being around their mothers and watching them work.

Play indoor games

Parents can play board games with their children for developing a good bond. You can play shop with them or play with their gardening and kitchen sets. Ensure that the play area is big enough to accommodate both of you. A parent should ensure that the child does not choke on objects. This is also a good way of inculcating sibling bonding. This will also reduce the screen time!


This is a good bonding exercise for children to ground themselves with nature. Through gardening, children learn to nurture, and not take things for granted, including relationships.


Panyam’s thirteen year-old son likes to sing Korean songs. Panyam did not like listening to the songs at first. However, she inculcated an interest since she realized that it is important for her son. She mindfully enjoys listening to her son singing to the Korean tracks.

Playing a musical instrument

One can also engage themselves in playing a piano or guitar or a child playing the musical instrument and the parents singing to the tune.

Practicing the Law of Attraction

Even a kindergarten kid should be taught the Law of Attraction. A few years ago, Panyam’s elder son had ordered a parcel from Amazon and it was supposed to be delivered two days later. She told him to believe that he had already received the parcel, to practice it with a positive feeling and the parcel got delivered a day prior to the delivery date. Children are more focussed on getting what they want. They will put their heart and soul into it. So teaching them the Law of Attraction mantra of Ask-Believe-Receive is easy.

Paying attention to them

When it comes to children, parents are mostly on an auto pilot mode. When you simply nod your head when the child ask something, while you are busy on your mobile phone, a child is  smart enough to understand that you heard but you did not listen. When a child approaches you to discuss anything, keep aside whatever you are doing and simply listen to them with rapt attention. Each time you neglect them, you make them feel negative.

Pray and chant together

Although places of religious worship are closed, you can pray and chant together with your children to build a stronger bond with the Almighty too. Those who pray together, stay together!

We hope you use this time to strengthen your bond with your children. If you wish to connect with our experts, CLICK HERE.

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