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Mindful activities to do with your partner during the lockdown

Mindful activities to do with your partner during the lockdown

4 May, 2020

Staying indoors during the lockdown can be difficult. Kavita Panyam, a Counselling Psychologist and a wellness coach discusses mindful activities which can be practiced with your partner during this lockdown.

What is mindfulness?

Many people feel that mindfulness is something through which you get relaxed instantly and your problems fade away. Mindfulness helps you to stay grounded in the present and not struggle within yourself. When you practice mindfulness, you only focus on the present and not on the past or the future. It helps you to become more attentive. Also, it enables you to plan in a more effective manner. If you think, about the past or the future, unnecessary conflicts are likely to arise.

When two partners sit down and practice mindfulness, it does not mean you just sit down and meditate. You can do many other tasks together.

Sound therapy

You can practice sound therapy with your partner. Since it relieves you instantly of any stress. Also, it can be practiced at any age. Whether it is a singing bowl, bells or grooving to your favourite music.

Pray and chant together

Although places of religious worship are closed, one can daily pray and chant together with your partner. A specific time in the morning and at night can be agreed upon for the same.


Couples who like yoga can practice it together. The word Yoga means union. It helps to connect your heart, mind, body and soul together. During this lockdown, online courses for yoga asanas are being conducted. A yoga mat is all you need. For beginners, they can also practice yoga through YouTube videos.

Clean the house

Since most of the maids are on leave due to the lockdown, spouses  can take turns to fine clean every nook and corner of the house. Apart from keeping one fit, it is also  therapeutic.

Helping your spouse to prepare meals and eat together

One can take turns to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner with your spouse. It helps since if there are more members in the family, kids and senior citizens, usually everybody has a different eating choice and so more dishes are required to be cooked. Having meals together at the dinner table without any distraction of television, work calls or even a cup of tea is healthy.

Balancing your work from home with daily chores 

Partners should support each other and understand both of you are important in the relationship and your work is important too. It should not be that a man’s professional responsibilities become more important than that of his partner.

Dancing, singing and music

There are classes for Zumba, Bollywood, salsa etc. which are being conducted online. Partners can join classes or put some great music and dance at home. If you have a good voice, you can sing and get entertained together or enjoy a karaoke. One can also engage themselves in playing piano, guitar or one partner playing and the other singing to the tune.


Plants provide nourishment to our soul since they are living beings and if they are taken care of and loved well, they always love you back. People who have a small terrace garden will definitely enjoy watering plants, growing their own organic food, planting new saplings and ensuring sufficient manure and pesticides are sprayed from time to time. This is a good bonding exercise for partners to ground themselves with nature. While gardening, always shows gratitude and love energy towards plants, since they usually grow well. That’s why the term, a person with a green thumb has been coined while some fail at growing plants, since it’s all about the energy.

Spend time with each other

Partners should spend quality time together everyday for an hour or once a week, if the work schedule plus the household chores is hectic.

Financial planning

Since people are spending more during the lockdown than usual, partners should do a financial planning for the lockdown and even for the future. 

Being compassionate towards each other

If your partner has lost a job due to the lockdown, be mindful in the way you interact with him/ her. A partner can get jealous if one is earning and the other is not presently. 

Express your love

Our daily life especially in the metropolitan cities is hectic and erratic. The lockdown is a good time for reshaping your relationship, expressing your love, showing more respect, developing more trust and intimacy.

Effective communication

In order to communicate effectively, one should always have an appropriate tone, words used for communication and a good body language. If you want your partner to listen to you, you have to operate from a space of respect and love even during a fight. Be assertive, without being dominating or pushy.

We hope you enjoyed the tips for practicing mindfulness with your partner.  To connect with our experts, CLICK HERE.

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