Doing These 5 Things Will Help You Connect With Your Kids In This Digital Age |
Doing These 5 Things Will Help You Connect With Your Kids In This Digital Age

Doing These 5 Things Will Help You Connect With Your Kids In This Digital Age

4 Jul, 2018

Bond with your kids and make them smarter with these 5 steps

It’s no longer surprising to see a 3-year old surfing an iPad to choose a nursery tale of her choice. Children refuse to eat food unless they are seated in front of the TV showing their favourite cartoons. In fact, e-devices seem to have become the babysitters of the technological age. Is this a good trend, though? Not really, as studies have shown.

Too much exposure to digital devices has resulted in lowered attention spans in kids. Spending a major part of the day seated lowers the energy levels of the body, which begins to store calories (meant to be burnt) as excess fat. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in creativity and sharp thinking. Too much absorption, of both parents and kids, into the virtual world also gets them disconnected from each other.

What can a parent do about it?

Experts agree that being mindful is the first step in creating greater bonds with children. Since kids mimic parents, one must check one’s own digital consumption. Reduce it considerably if it is eating into the time spent with your kids. Next step is to engage with them in meaningful activities:

We’ve got these 5 things you can do to connect with your kids:

1. Art & Craft Therapy

Join your kids in splashing colour on the easel without inhibitions or colouring mandalas with minute precision. The fun comes with many other benefits: enhanced concentration and creativity.

2. Explore local landmarks & heritage sites

Children love history. On a weekend, gather a group of your kid’s friends and their parents and hire a trained guide to narrate the history of the place you live in. e.g. do you know why the Asiatic Society building was built so high, at the top of so many steps? It was supposed to present an imposing first impression to anyone coming into Bombay from Britain via the sea route. Such tales spark the kids’ imagination and can be a great resource to navigate life successfully further ahead.

3. Get your hands dirty with clay and soil

E-devices lend only a second-experience of all activities. Indulge your inner artist with pottery sessions. Give free reign to your inner gardener as you experience the earth and its energy even as you and your kid work with soil and seeds to pot a plant. Use quick growing seeds and see how fascinated your kids will be as they witness this miracle of nature even as it inculcates within them a compassion for living things.

4. Story telling

Grandparents, especially grandmoms, were the source of innumerable stories in one’s childhood. But times have changed and grandmoms today are leading active lives that don’t often include story time with their grandchildren. Turn the tables and let your kids make up their own stories. Set up a day for family storytelling. Break the ice by beginning with the first sentence and encourage them to come up with scenarios, the wilder the better. Bold is better will become their credo in life and no one can argue about the benefit of that.

5. Get physical with Kid’s Yoga

If you thought yoga was only for fuddy-duddy adults (hot yoga, anyone?) then here’s an eye-opening stat for you. Kids as young as 4 are doing yoga today! The payoff? Better control over their breath makes them more mindful, increases their concentration and self-confidence and of course gives added flexibility to the body. Join a mommy-baby yoga group and boost your energy levels.

We’d love you to share with us the activities you do to bond with your kids.

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