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Outer Beauty is nice, but how important is it in inspiring love?

Outer Beauty is nice, but how important is it in inspiring love?

21 Apr, 2019

“Chubby cheeks, dimpled chin, rosy lips, teeth within, curly hair, very fair, eyes are blue, lovely too!” Does this ring a bell for you? Sure, it is this very popular nursery rhyme that each of us has heard in our childhood and even sung for our little ones.

While I read it now, I notice something very striking about this rhyme that taught us ‘adjectives’ in our childhood. You guessed that right. It is the very obsession for “perfect beauty” that I am hinting at! If you skim through your television channels and look closely at the advertisements, you will notice one thing for sure: beautiful faces.

Whether it is Deepika Padukone sitting at ease in her living room for a toothpaste ad or the ageless Jennifer Aniston walking with eminent grace at an award function, one thing that we CANNOT brush aside is their unmatched beauty. Now whether you say it or not, looking good is one of the most over-rated realities of our lives today.

Why is it over-rated?

The definition of beauty differs from person to person, but in a room full of say 200 people, the prettier person will gain the most attention. No, it is not a character foible but simply the way we inherently function. Ever since childhood, we’ve had the definition of beauty drilled into us.

Each of us surely will agree that it is important to be beautiful from the inside. On the other hand, nobody can deny that the person who seems to be decently pretty gets first chance at conversations and most other things.

How much does this outer beauty inspire love?

When one reaches marriageable age, a question everyone is bound to ask you is, what are you looking for in your would-be? A long list of qualities will pour in- but mind you, it is still unreal as to how much prominence will be given to looks.

Marriage is about love, or so we are told. It is, therefore imperative to look beyond the external appearance of any person.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

As the old saying goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Yet, having said that we want to look beautiful. We all want to look as perfect and flawless as those models appearing in magazines. So what exactly calls for this thought process?

It is the very media that tells you to be a certain way. Ever wondered why the lead actors of movies can’t be like you or me? Why is it that they always have a song praising the woman’s beauty or appearance as the introduction to her character? You know why? That’s what sells better.

A typical love story in every film is this: a beautiful girl falls in love with a handsome boy. An ugly looking villain tries to end this love story. The hero wins over the villain. THE END.

Let me bust a myth for you! Looks are important yes, but each of us have a different perception of beauty. You may argue that universal beauty is a legit standard but guess what? It’s not. You may sit in your tattered pyjamas and your parents will still adore your smile. After a terrible breakup you may have swollen eyes from having cried all night long and yet your best friend will find you pretty. The dinner you cooked might be the worst possible food for dinner yet your partner might find you hot in your messy apron. That’s what relationships are all about.

It would be a plain disservice if I say that outer beauty doesn’t inspire love in the beginning. But as you continue being in a relationship, you will realize that everything about the person you love is beautiful. That is the very essence of love in our human life.

Don’t fall for that gimmick

Everybody can look and feel pretty the way they like but there is something extremely precious about being simply YOU. Be yourself, dress like YOU and never, almost NEVER settle for anything lesser than what you deserve.


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