Pride Month 2019: Love is for all |
Pride Month 2019: Love is for all

Pride Month 2019: Love is for all

29 Jun, 2019

For most of us, love is an easy term. Movies, novels and most of the media around us gives us a stereotype of couples and love. Love, according to the 10-year-old me was this couple who looked absolutely perfect together. A young, vibrant, bubbly girl with a suited, neat young boy. Now shut your eyes and imagine if this was the same image that you had about an ‘ideal’ couple, a few years ago.

But as I grew, I found myself hearing a variety of terms like homosexuality, lesbians, gay, etc. But just as it should be, none of these ideas have changed my views on love. Does that sound strange to you? It MAY.

Love, in every and any sense, must be respected and welcomed. When you hear about a gay couple or a lesbian couple, there is no need to roll your eye in disbelief (totally referring to Kirron Kher’s expression in ‘Maa Da Ladla’ from Dostana). Here are 3 things you need to totally know about celebrating the RIGHT TO LOVE ANYONE WITHOUT JUDGING, on this Pride Month (June 2019):

  1. It’s not your business: Yes, just as blunt as it may sound, what your neighbour’s sexuality is- ISN’T for you to choose, shame or comment about. It’s not your business. What an individual does in one’s bedroom is not for you to decide.
  2. Judging someone isn’t really something you should be proud of: Judging yourself or others, is a literal crime- Read that again! Irrespective of my sexual orientation, there’s no reason why someone can justify something as baseless as judging can get. When Fawad Khan was shown to be in a relationship with a man, it was all things unconventional. Be it his macho-man image, his brief kiss with Alia Bhatt or simply the fact that he didn’t judge himself. That’s the thing we are talking about. STOP judging yourself and those around you. If you still feel you are entitled to have an opinion on other’s sexual preference and existence, please stay away!
  3. Love can’t be convenient: For those of you who feel that love is like being in a nice cafe and kissing your night away on all times- sorry, you got it wrong. Love is about standing beside a person through thick and thin. It is something that is unconditional and intense at all times, right? When you see the passionate love between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in Ram-Leela or the crazy love between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in Tamashaa, you may get the feeling that love is always in the same range. But in real life, love is about growing with a person, it is about falling with and rising with a person. In any case, any form of love- whether it is between the same sexes or different sexes, you must know that it must be welcomed wholeheartedly.

For those reading this post with a grim face, relax. You’re a flyspeck in this huge universe and you not agreeing to someone’s love choice- is not really something that you should be gloating about! Let your thoughts evolve to create a better and informed you (Also, spare the world of your narrow thoughts pls).

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