Reemerge new: Authenticity is the new sexy |
Reemerge new: Authenticity is the new sexy

Reemerge new: Authenticity is the new sexy

7 Jun, 2020

Authenticity is a sum total of vulnerability, transparency and integrity. It is the language and expression of our soul. Being authentic is being comfortable in our skin and soul. Authenticity creates a harmonious flow of energy and raises our vibration. Whatever we project on the outside is a reflection of our relationship with self. Being in harmony with self creates a natural state of our being. Irrespective of the overwhelming situation around us due to Covid-19, this lockdown has provided us a great opportunity to work on the core issues related to the self. Anytime we feel we are not being ourselves,  missing a part of ourselves or the way we act with others is not in tandem with how we are from within, and vice-versa, it is an opportunity for us to introspect and consciously practice authenticity. Shweta Chopra, a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Reiki healer elucidates the importance of being authentic and how we can use the remaining lockdown period to become authentic with ourselves and others.
Say no to people pleasing
People pleasing drains our precious life force and keeps us on the edge. We are always in charge of ourselves and our lives. We should not give away our power to situations and people. Most people think that they don’t have any other choice than to please others. We should constantly remind ourselves that our choices are  powerful and nothing worse will happen if we stopped altering ourselves for others. To restrain ourselves from acting out of suppressed fear, anxiety and traumas and being looped in the trap of people pleasing habits, we should tackle the root cause  and introspect the need to people please. We should question ourselves and ask what is the worst scenario that can transpire if we stopped people pleasing others. Gradually, we will reach a point where we will realise that people pleasing is not good for our physical, emotional and mental well being and the unhealthy habit will fade away. It is possible to stop complying with everything that trades our authenticity.
Maintain healthy boundaries with loved ones
It is a difficult task to say no and create and maintain boundaries with closed loved ones. We almost feel both guilty and sad while setting the much needed boundaries. We even judge ourselves and view ourselves as being mean and selfish when we say no to parents, children, spouse, friends etc. since we feel that we are hurting them. People get hurt because of lack of effective communication or a lack of healthy self esteem. If you will communicate your needs effectively, you will automatically start feeling more authentic in your being and others will also accept your healthy boundaries. At times, there are complicated situations, where there is a dire need to place healthy boundaries and the risks of saying no runs much deeper but there is nothing that cannot be achieved through effective communication. Effective communication opens doorways for practicing self love and giving the same space to ourselves and  others without taking a toll on us.
Daily dose of self love for being authentic
To maintain a daily dose of self love, we must first acknowledge the fact that we are love at the core of ourselves. At times, we have to empty our cup filled with negative emotions and emotional clutter  while working on our emotional and mental blocks, in order to reinforce  self love and authenticity. Self love is very simple to practice but we make it complex by thinking that it is hard, time consuming or we don’t deserve love. Self love creates ripple effects and even the simplest acts of self love builds a foundation  to achieve our fullest potential. We should consciously analyse our lifestyle, if we are burdening ourselves with perfection syndrome,  performance anxiety or allowing ourselves to become a doormat. We should detach ourselves emotionally from such situations and take practical decisions for reinforcing self love. We should always be mindful of our actions that may be out of alignment with love and authenticity.
Take breaks when necessary 
We should occasionally let our hair down, take a break and have fun. We don’t have to wait until we suffer a burn out. If someone has unrealistic expectations from us, we should stand up for ourselves and learn to say no.  We should spend quality time with ourselves often to enable us to function better in personal and professional spheres. We should also spend quality time with loved ones and develop  balanced, loving and harmonious relationships.
Authenticity enhances our divine masculine and divine feminine essence
We, as humans, are inherently capable of achieving what we perceive as divine. Divine masculine and divine feminine is the balanced energetic essence inbuilt in men and women. It is us, who by our own conduct create an imbalance and lose touch with our divine nature. By taking care of our soul and body, we respect the Creator and His creation. We can do more of energy balancing with Hatha yoga, Reiki healing and Kundalini meditations to get in touch with our divine masculine and feminine selves.
Heal your traumas to become whole and authentic
When we are whole and self sustaining, we can contribute more effectively to others without having to compromise, sacrifice, or adjust. In order to experience, the wholeness of our being, we can start with healing our core traumas and wounds, heal our fragmented inner child and release attachments to others and past negative experiences which keep us away from being authenticity.
Authenticity attracts a better well-being 
Our physical health is affected by our mental and emotional health and vice-versa. Being true to ourselves and to those around us is a basic level of practicing self care and an emotionally and mentally healthy lifestyle. In fact, not being our authentic self is a costly business. We pay for our made up personality by leaking our energy. Our ego holds on to the personality that we have developed over the years and drains us completely. We experience a sense of lightness when we finally let go of things that drain us, which are not in tune with who we really are and does little in refining our true self. The sense of lightness is a result of the energy freely flowing in our system that was previously being sucked by our ego identifying with distorted parts of our personality. This free flowing energy can be used more productively in taking care of ourselves and improving our physical, mental and emotional health.
Modalities which can be practiced to remain authentic
Practice self introspection and inner child healing. Getting in touch with our authentic self, let alone maintaining it, takes a lot of practice. Usually, the same  practices are required to align and maintain our authenticity. The most basic practice which helps us on this path is constantly being aware of our emotions. Our emotions are a reactive mechanism of our system. Emotions are useful in assessing our true nature. Whenever we experience extreme emotions, be it happiness, joy or grief, it is always a good idea to look at ourselves from an outsider’s perspective and ask ourselves what is actually  causing this extreme outburst of joy or frustration. Going deeper into the roots of our emotions will always lead us to our core values. Our values are what makes our personalities and once we are able to realize the things that we value at the core of our existence, we automatically move closer to our most authentic self.
It is important to understand that the journey to your authentic self is not a linear path. You will always find yourself drawn back to the start but the key is to never give up and begin with even more enthusiasm and love. It is the path of courage, letting go of self inhibiting patterns and becoming whole all over again.

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