Romance with a twist: How Love is Becoming Unconventional |
Romance with a twist: How Love is Becoming Unconventional

Romance with a twist: How Love is Becoming Unconventional

19 Dec, 2019

Movies, books and songs – There’s a lot that has been written about love. Love stories are often the most celebrated form of literature everywhere. We love everything about love. How two people and are drawn to each other and end up together to live the most beautiful part of their life forever! However, the idea of love has evolved over the years. We no longer have the love stories that were showed in black and white movies- instead, our stories of love are a bit complex, yet have the simplicity that does not need overly sacrificing equations. Here’s how love today is different to what it was in the olden times.

Not making marriage the only determinant of exclusivity

Marriage was considered as the only sacred ground on which exclusive relationships stood. However, many are ditching this legal document to define their love and exclusivity for their partners. People are willing to spend the rest of their lives and making it official without any piece of paper governing this union of love. 

Accepting everything that is not monogamous

Anything beyond monogamy was never considered love. There was a strong belief that love requires monogamy and vice and versa. However, the current generation has acknowledged the existence of polyamory and willfully regards such relationships the one where love persists very strongly without the boundaries of conventional norms. 

No need to merge identities

Making adjustments and changing oneself to a large degree was a common phenomenon to maintain a relationship of love. However, modern definitions of this four letter word are against absolving your own identity for love. The narrative about your partner completing you as a person has changed to you complimenting each other in who you are. The individuality is a strong component of today’s modern relationships. 

Valuing bonds over relationship

Gone are the days when being friends with an ex flame was frowned upon. However, love doesn’t just persist in romantic relationships and may continue even after two people are not in that relationship. People are recognizing the importance of having cordial relationships beyond just romance. Hence, when they part ways people still continue to provide support to each other. 

Your partner is not your other half 

The world today is recognizing various facets of love and one of the most important aspects of this is self-love. Hence, the good old theory that your partner is your better half is no longer followed. Instead of that self-love is gaining prominence to build healthy romantic relationships. The importance of self-love in romantic equations is not just a hot topic in the pop culture but also backed by psychological research that emphasizes on attachment patterns and self-esteem. 

That feeling of thousand butterflies in the stomach, the excitement of meeting someone and liking them beyond inexplicable measures and everything else that has to do with love is always very exciting for us. Whether we say it or not we all wait for the perfect person to turn up, for someone whose sight will make us hear violins in our head. However, the idea of such rose-tinted love is all gone. These days, people are accepting more practical definitions of love. Boundaries in intimate relationships are being talked about. The idealistic love is no more glorified instead we are moving towards accepting all the imperfections love brings with it. 

It may look like love today is more complicated that it used to be. However, these are only efforts to acknowledge the complexity of love. So, if you are in love with someone else or with yourself then don’t shy away from experiencing a whole mix of various emotions.

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