Saturday Sex: Why sex is healthy for you? |
Saturday Sex: Why sex is healthy for you?

Saturday Sex: Why sex is healthy for you?

1 Jun, 2019

For the longest time, as a kid, I thought of S** as a cuss word. No, I’m not kidding. All through my school years, the S-word was uttered in bits and whispers and I had no idea why and what it meant. But as an adult now, I fairly have an idea of how this ‘pleasurable taboo’ works!

A lot of Hollywood movies have flaunted this term of Saturday sex. Whether or not you pretend to like it, there is no denying that each of us at some point in our lives may have wondered why it is considered taboo when literally it is the one thought we all humans have in common.

A normal conversation with a dear friend led me to understand that only two species on earth- Dolphins, and Humans have sex for pleasure. All other living creatures mate with the intention of increasing their population. Whether or not this fact is true, one thing is for sure- sex is healthy! Don’t believe us?

Here are 3 reasons backed by science that prove that sex is healthy for your body:

  • Reduces heart risks: Well, well, well. Before you visit your cardiologist, try having some awesome fun with your partner for heart health. Sex, says science lowers heart attack risks by a considerable percent. Sex raises your heart rate and helps in keeping your testosterone and estrogen are in balance. When any of these are imbalanced or low, you are at risk of getting heart disease and osteoporosis.
  • Eases pain: The next time you experience terrible pain (whether it is menstrual pain or a migraine or arthritic pain) just reach for an orgasm instead. Solo-sex could also come to your rescue in this way. Don’t trust us? Science enumerates that vaginal stimulation blocks chronic back and leg pain for women.
  • Relieves you of stress: Do we really need to talk about how stress is a life-spoiler? Stress can do everything wrong to your body, and hence, just cuddle with your partner and get some action! Sexual arousal releases brain chemicals that help in relieving stress as well as feeling relaxed and happy.

This Saturday, go, get healthy!

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  1. Wow great blog.. well atleast I can read about sex if not have it on a Saturday.. amazingly written .. please upload more


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