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Strong Connectivity-Weak Connections!

Strong Connectivity-Weak Connections!

30 Jan, 2018

Technology empowers, but disempowers us of our human–ness by Ritu Garg

The GPRS was on! Google Maps was our guide! But our destination still eluded us! We were going round and round the narrow streets of this non-descript village near Aurangabad. The sun was bright and a few village men wearing traditional pagdis passed by. I was tempted to roll down the window and ask the way but I noticed a strong resistance to asking for HELP! GOOGLE had to do it for us!

Is it a weakness to ask for help?  Is it primitive or uncool?

I remembered the time, some 10 years, ago, when one would ask the local people for the way —and that’s how one would learn the dialect, the disposition and the demographic of a certain area.

Our experiences are shifting from organic to technological

We don’t like to err; we seek precision, accuracy and predictability. The dart should hit the bull’s eye in the very first go.  Every little trip is like a mission to Mars – Precise: time wise, distance wise, and destination wise! And we find it uber-cool! (pun intended )

Instant gratification

We are getting used to Instant gratification.  We have a question, next minute we know the answer. Where is the quest, the ignorance, the inadequacy, the scope for guesstimate, the organic learning, the mistakes and the lateral realizations?. Where are those nights when our mind would be making imaginary figures to resolve a geometry question?

We have created robots who behave like humans but ironically we are becoming robots who look like humans. We feel we are controlling the world, but just who is controlling whom:

We have only as much power as there is power in the battery in our phones. Are we spiders getting trapped in our own web? Let our treasury not push us towards our own misery!

Let’s live life and not manage it!

Let’s smell the sweat and the soot, feel the touch through the hugs and the handshakes and feel the oxytocin-rush, see the wrinkles, hear the laughter and sobs.

Let’s be spiritual beings having a human experience instead of humans running away from  human experiences.

(Ritu Garg lives by the words, for the words and of the words. And, her before-the-sun’s-up tea).

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