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Tantalizing Tuesday: Why masturbation could be helpful for you?

Tantalizing Tuesday: Why masturbation could be helpful for you?

28 May, 2019

It is a not-so-humid Tuesday today with clear sky with a perfect dimming light. There is perhaps no reason why any couple wouldn’t want to take some sharp cues from the weather. Except for the fact that, of course you are in some mood to have some solo fun! But if that’s what you want, here’s why you should totally go for it!

Health benefits of masturbation

  1. Relieves you of period cramps: Yes, women masturbate too! And guess what? It can ease you of that annoying menstrual cramps! Masturbation increases the blood flow to your pelvic region and eases pain in your thighs, back and relieves you those excruciating muscular cramps.
  2. Boosts immunity: No, we didn’t cook this up! Ejaculation helps in amping up the hormone cortisol levels. Cortisol is a a hormone that can help in regulating your immune system. And moreover, who doesn’t want a healthy immunity?
  3. Lifts your mood: Each of us want to have that jolt on a Tuesday (right after a weekend) that can help us stay through the week, right? Moreover, a healthy and bustling mood is the key to overall wellness. That’s why masturbation can be quite helpful. Let alone the fact that it even releases some feel-good neurochemicals in your brain, like dopamine and oxytocin that boost your spirits.
  4. It helps in curing UTI: Women suffer more often, with Urinary tract infection or UTI than men. When you masturbate, it help you to flush out bacteria from the cervix, thus, kicking off the infection!
  5. Relieves you off stress: Stress can be a real spoiler! Not just that, it can spoil your health too. Masturbating regularly helps you to get healthier orgasms. When you orgasm, your body releases prolactin and serotonin- hormones for relaxation and happiness. While there isn’t a study to prove this, but it is believed that orgasm can let you sleep better!

So go ahead and have some solo- healthy fun tonight!

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