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Teacher’s Day: Give the gift of increased emotional intelligence to your students

Teacher’s Day: Give the gift of increased emotional intelligence to your students

5 Sep, 2019

“Why haven’t you done your homework today? And why do you seem so distracted”

“Teacher, the uncle staying next to our house passed away due to a heart attack. Everyone in the locality was crying. I couldn’t understand anything. Moreover, my head started getting stuffy and I was nauseatic (hearing the aunty cry). I couldn’t do the homework, sorry.”

Emotional Intelligence: The imminent brain drug

This not-so-regular reason for a delay in homework is one to carefully think of. The addressing and identifying emotions while rightly assessing them or investing in them can be called as a person’s emotional intelligence.

A simple definition of emotional intelligence is the ability to keep a check of your own emotions as well as that of others. Broadly speaking, emotional intelligence is when you can identify, label and distinguish between different emotions and can utilize those emotions to influence others. The modern-day education, precisely needs to teach that! 

Anu Sachar, a psychologist as well as a thriive-verified life coach explains to us in a better way, “As humans, we are expected to think and speak logically. We are considered rational if we think logically. Earlier, if you spoke from your heart, you were not considered intelligent. But today, everybody agrees that if you actually think from the emotional point of view, you are equally brilliant.”

Why is emotional intelligence important?

Gone are the days when every parent or teacher wished to make their kids obedient and academically sound. However, at this point in time, we are looking to expand those horizons. The teachers at this point in time are wanting to teach children about other aspects such as the 

Emotional intelligence and how it is extremely (EXTREMELY) important to address mental health as a pivotal point. 

Emotional intelligence is a skill that each of us needs to integrate well into our personality. Whether it is to empathize with your loved ones or sympathize with your co-workers- it is integral to personal growth. 

But do we need to teach that now? 

Well, YES! Emotional intelligence is a phrase that you must quickly learn now and NEVER forget. That is so because untamed emotions or a suppressed past can ruin your child’s future. This Teacher’s Day, let’s focus on placing EQ over IQ!

Pro-tip: Never, almost NEVER tell them to hide what they feel and you, YES YOU! Never under-estimate their feelings. When your student shares something, think it over. Don’t just laugh it off, literally, DON’T!

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