The millennial woman and her warrior-like approach in modern love |
The millennial woman and her warrior-like approach in modern love

The millennial woman and her warrior-like approach in modern love

17 Mar, 2020

Millennial women are slowly but surely striving to abolish patriarchal influences in their relationships, especially in a romantic one. A millennial woman doesn’t want you to open doors for her; she wants to pay half of the bill for that lunch date. She’ll not ask for permission, but she’ll keep you in the loop at all times because that is the sense of partnership she believes in. She’s vulnerable, not subservient. She’s willing to walk through the ups and downs of her relationship to make it work, but the moment it gets toxic she is willing to walk out of it too.

Here are some of the ways in which millennial women have taken on the mantle to become the warriors sculpting the face of modern relationships:

She knows to say No

A millennial woman will not follow her partner to the end of the world just because. She won’t even follow them to the next block if that demeans her right to be an equal decision maker.

She isn’t afraid to ask questions

The millennial woman does not hesitate to ask her partner questions just because they’d make them uncomfortable. She knows what she brings to the table and expects to be met there with equal enthusiasm.

She won’t hold back on her dreams

In the larger scheme of things, she won’t hesitate to prioritize her dreams over her relationship, once in a while. She believes that a relationship is a support system for both partners when they work to fulfil their dreams.

She is not afraid to make the first move

The millennial woman sees no point in waiting to get to know someone better just because she is a woman. In the New York Times article With Her Dating App, Women Are In Control by Jessica Bennett, Bumble founder, Whitney Wolfe, aptly says that the woman today is encouraged to make the first move because, like Cinderella, she knows that if she waits the carriage will turn into a pumpkin.

She won’t get married just because she has to

The warrior millennial woman needs passion, not convenience. So, she will agree to get married only when she truly believes that she can contribute to the relationship and vice-versa.

She prioritizes herself

You can’t pour from an empty cup: she lives by this proverb. She needs her ‘me’ time. She’ll emphasize the same for her partner too, because it helps re-centre the relationship with both partners being aware of what they want. She goes on solo dates and is happy settling down with a big breakfast and a book or a movie.

She refuses to be the damsel-in-distress

The millennial woman loves to be pampered, but that’s a two-way street: she also takes great efforts to make her partner feel special. But her guard goes up the moment her partner thinks she’s too fragile to be left on her own. She’s happy to have her partner teach her to fish rather than just get her the best fish.

Her break-ups are not necessarily goodbyes

If two people cannot continue to be in a relationship, it makes them neither villainsnor victims; they may just not be in alignment with the other’s vision. The millennial woman values this honesty and will stay friends with her ex, rather than continue to stay in a suffocating relationship.

Thriive Art & Soul salutes every woman who sees a relationship for what it is and what it can become and is not afraid to work for it. We salute every woman who says no to toxicity and sets an example of the importance of self-love for all other women.

The millennial woman also does not hesitate to seek help; battling all of this on one’s own is not advisable anyway. If there is a relationship problem that bothers you, click here to get in touch with Thriive verified relationship experts.

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