Tricky Parenting: How Strict Is Too Strict? |
Tricky Parenting: How Strict Is Too Strict?

Tricky Parenting: How Strict Is Too Strict?

29 Jul, 2019

Parenting is a very tricky concept. Most often than not, it is all about self-discipline and mindful thinking. Imagine this: You have gone for a family get-together. Your 8-year-old is dropping the food all over the house, running around the other kids and just making the place a mess. You feel embarrassed and quickly pick your toddler and slap him. Nothing very unusual in this.. eh? It is very easy to beat up your little child and teach him how you should eat but that will never produce a well-behaved adult but just another troubled- unempathetic parent in the future.

This is not to say that being strict with your child is necessarily wrong but simply that parenting isn’t about controlling your children but simply letting them live life fruitfully. But research has now proven that being a strict parent isn’t doing much good. Here are 3 things you must know in order to understand how strict is too strict in the parenting dictionary:

  1. You don’t let them make mistakes: This one is a clear instruction. Accept that your kids will make mistakes. And you can’t avoid them. You might want them to be safe but understand that not WANTING them to make the same mistakes that you made isn’t making helping them grow. Growth is all about making mistakes and learning to outgrow them in your own way.
  2. Punishment isn’t a solution: You MUST get this right. If you ever feel that beating your child or screaming at her or him is helping them in being obedient, you’re wrong. Sooner or later, they’ll start lying to you and find their way out.
  3. Don’t teach them that power is mighty: Just because you are in a position to scare them or yell at them doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to teach them that the only solution is to scream and howl at them. Don’t teach them that power is mighty and that everything revolves around power. We already have children who cannot identify these things now, don’t need more of them, please!

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