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Unrequited Love: Why We Can’t Break Free of It

Unrequited Love: Why We Can’t Break Free of It

11 Oct, 2019

 Love is the essence of every being. Every human or living thing requires love and is capable of loving, it comes naturally to us. All it takes is a glance at someone and think to yourself – that you’ve found that one. But oftentimes, we forget that the other person may not or rather would not reciprocate these feelings in the same manner as you do. While it is a hard pill to digest, it is even harder to resist yourself with those feelings. 

“Unrequited love differs from mutual love, just like delusion differs from the truth”

If you force to convince yourself that you’ve fallen for someone, it calls for a red flag. You, for that matter, can never decide if you will fall in love with someone today or tomorrow. Love does not happen over one sight, sure it might make you look twice but love is something you build on with your significant other. 

Even after realizing that you can’t get what you’re desiring for, your heart would silently keep wishing for that person to be your ‘one.’ It is when you cannot control or resist this feeling towards someone, it is most likely to take a toll on you. Falling in love with someone who doesn’t love you back might seem like torture at first, but it also has its teachings. 

– Experience Love 

Even though you might think that true love should be a mutual one, the fact remains that requited love is love too. Having to experience this emotion, you get to learn what it feels like to care so deeply about someone and think about this person every breathing minute of your day. Even if the feelings are not being reciprocated, you go through the same kind of emotions just like any other individual who loves someone. 

Unconditional Love 

While it’s painful, unrequited love will make you learn how to love someone, and also wish for a person’s happiness even if the feelings aren’t mutual. This teaches you to love someone unconditionally, which is the highest level of love there is. Growing with this state of mind, you also learn to accept even the toughest falls as part of your personality. 

– Change 

In the beginning, you try to change yourself to whatever you think the other person will like best. Slowly, you will stop doing it for them and you will start doing it for yourself. When you analyze the fact that you were trying to change yourself for others to like, you will move on to changing you for yourself. In that process, you will end up with a much better version of yourself.

– Handle Rejections 

Isn’t unrequited love the ultimate form of rejection? The other person doesn’t have a relationship with you to hurt you, because they don’t feel the same. Getting turned down for asking out, it’s painful. Being in the same space as them and yet being ignored would seem like a heart-shattering thing to happen to anyone. When you are so passionately in love with someone and you don’t get it back, you would learn to deal with rejections better in the future.

– Love Again 

Life ain’t a movie. You often feel that you’d never possibly love someone ever again. It hurts bad, right? When you think that you can never feel the same way ever again towards someone, try to cut your strings off. Even you don’t realize it now, but someone in your life will prove that unrequited love isn’t your last and only love.

Omkar Kulkarni is a self-proclaimed art appreciator, a certified film reviewer and someone’s favorite human being.

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