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Want to get hitched during the lockdown? Virtual marriages is your answer!

Want to get hitched during the lockdown? Virtual marriages is your answer!

21 May, 2020

Since there are restrictions imposed during the ongoing lockdown, couples have been getting married indoors and in private ceremonies attended by only the bride and the groom’s immediate family and a priest. In India, as per the government rules, only 50 guest invitees are allowed to attend a wedding during the lockdown. No pomp, no splurging of money, no music and feasting. The big fat Indian weddings have now undergone a major trim-down. Kavita Panyam, a Psychologist and a Relationship Coach discusses virtual marriages in India.
Shaadi.com can get you hitched this lockdown
Shaadi.com recently introduced ‘Weddings from home’, an initiative to help couples across all communities, cultures and religions to get married during the lockdown period. The online marriage service portal helps with all wedding arrangements, a close traditional ceremony with Ganesh sthapna, and sangeet performances by family through video calls, and even make-up and mehndi artists who help the bride to look her best via video call. Wedding invites are sent by video call links and even a special backdrop is designed to create the right atmosphere and setting for a wedding.
Big fat Indian weddings reduced to the minimalism approach 
As per the government guidelines at present, only 50 guest invitees are allowed to attend the wedding. Those couples who are desirous of getting married, do not have to wait for the lockdown being lifted to get married and can proceed with the wedding rituals right now, and probably have a grand reception later. As per Panyam, for people to adapt to this scenario of getting married with 50 guests to grace the occasion will take time because Indians are used to splurging money for weddings. However, trimming the wedding guest list to a fewer attendees will have more of personalised elements and better quality time with guests who matter to you the most. People who prefer minimalism have been opting for these weddings all the while.  Panyam feels that unless people have spiritually evolved during the lockdown, elaborate rituals and the pomp cannot be done away with.
Policemen are the new baaraatis 
As a goodwill gesture, the police constables have been visiting the locality of the couples to congratulate them for getting married indoors, while following the norms of social distancing. The police constables sing congratulatory songs on a microphone while standing outside the residence of the newly wedded couples. Panyam says, “It is a heartwarming gesture on the part of the policemen. They should be applauded for it. Apart from catering to their duties, they are giving an emotional touch to the weddings.”
Do not marry out of insecurity
Panyam states that people feel that marriage is a blanket of security which will fix everything. This is a myth. A marriage is a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and a financial communion. During the lockdown, people should not marry due to any insecurity about their future, they should only marry when they are ready to take a plunge.

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