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Welcoming 2020: #GiveBack to yourself by removing these life blocks

Welcoming 2020: #GiveBack to yourself by removing these life blocks

3 Dec, 2019

As the year ends, the Christmas lights bring brightness but there is an eerie feeling about the year ending – another year just like that is over when we took a nap! A month before the year ends, it is worth doing an exercise to reflect on our own growth – a ‘reverse gap’ that can help reflect and move forward. 

No, I am not talking about how many goals we achieved and how many we did not – but some deeper areas that can be actually forgotten while we were busy in the rat race and making it for weekend plans. Let us take this moment to reflect on this. You can do this as a written exercise. 

  1. Fear: If at times goals get left out and we don’t take action is because of our blocks in form of fear. Fear can paralyze us. So look at the micro and macro fears of your life. What fears did you drop this year? What fears did you overcome or have gotten over midway? How did it make you feel? How did it open your belief system and your heart? 
  2. Forgiveness: One of the hardest things to do is forgive. Sometimes when we forgive, we feel weak because we let go and vulnerability takes over. However, this is a myth because vulnerability is power. If you reflect in the past year, who did you forgive? Who would you ask forgiveness from? Who do you need to yet forgive? How can we look at the intention behind our action or someone else’s and understand human emotion to let go and close this account? 
  3. Gratitude: The superfood that needs to come to us naturally but at times doesn’t. If we reflect on the year, what are the micro and macro things we feel gratitude for? The things that slipped our mind and the things we never expected? Make a note of all these and if there some special people we need to thank, then can we take this moment to send gratitude messages? 
  4. Law of attraction: Our faith in the universe gets even more powerful when we clearly see the small and the big things that we attracted because we moved forward. Reflect on this and see what created this attraction. What was your change that brought about this? New work? New relationship? New opportunity? 

These are the areas that really evolve us and bring larger changes that we input into our goals. Do not let the disappointment of things you did not achieve bring you down – rather see this lens clearly and be excited for the next year to come.

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