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What happens when your sibling is your soulmate

What happens when your sibling is your soulmate

31 Jul, 2019

The term soulmates actually came from Plato’s representation of soulmates. According to Greek Mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a single head with two faces. The creature was so powerful in itself that it didn’t need anything or anybody. It could reproduce on its own and hence was too powerful to be sustained by the world. Submitting to the fear of Human, Zeus divided this creature into two halves and left it to search for the other half and hence the term soulmates came alive.  

Therefore, soulmates are two souls that belong together for the bond they share with each other but due to numerous influences, we consider soulmates to be a romantic couple or a physical relationship. Though it might imply to a certain extent but is not always the case. You can find your soulmate anywhere and in anyone. It won’t be a surprise if you find your soulmate in your own family, maybe a distant cousin you feel very connected to, or maybe a parent. But sometimes it’s your sibling and nothing is more adventures and nurturing for a child to grow up with their other half, the one who is a part of them. 

Now, how will you know if your sibling is your soulmate? Well, you just will! There is something very intense and comforting about their presence in your life and you feel fulfilled by them being around, they feel the same. There are a few other things that you will feel with them and a few are as follows:

  1. They know your mood swings more than you

Whether you had a fight with your best friend or your boss, they always know your anger even when you deny it. They know your highs; lows and also what can cheer you up when you go through any of those lows. They are like the energy you sometimes feel is missing in you and the happiness to cheer you up, every time.

  1. They always have your back

No matter if you got a big presentation coming up or a difficult phase in life, you know they are there and always will. They will always have your back and will try their best to help you with everything you need. They always keep you as a priority, just as you keep them as yours.

  1. They are  your guiding light

There always comes a time in life where you feel lost and there is no energy to even put in anything new. But you are safe because your savior is your own sibling, they will always light up your dark alleys and make way for you. It can be a bit of great advice or even just a coffee with them. They fill you with so much positivity that nothing seems hard to achieve because a part of your life is already complete with them.

  1. There is unspoken communication of almost everything

How many times have you had an unspoken communication with someone who is really close to you because with them it is just uncanny? They always know what you are up to and what is going on in your mind. It is almost impossible to surprise them, which gets annoying but come on what’s better than having a helping hand when you need a secret hug in the difficult times. 

  1. They are your best friend

There is no single person who hasn’t gotten into trouble but the ones with siblings know their way out is already planned by their sibling. No matter if you live in the same house or far apart they always have your back and will always have a plan to get you out of anything. They are your best friend and will always have you covered in the need.

A sibling is anyway, an inseparable part of your life and what is better than having your soulmate as one. They are your better half, your partner in crime and all good and bad that you do. Soulmates are difficult to find in a lifetime but if you have gotten one from your childhood you must have done something good in your past life. 

They are a total blessing and a light that will help you grow through all difficulties, doubts, and fears. They are always there to share and care and hold you when you stumble. They will help you connect to yourself and feel the completeness this life offers you.

 Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing. 


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