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What the right relationship can do for your own journey?

What the right relationship can do for your own journey?

25 Nov, 2019

Harvard studies say that the biggest reason for happiness is a relationship. In fact, it was one of their longest studies and to me, this seems intuitively correct. We are social animals and thrive on great conversations – so it is a given that relationships give us a lot of simple joys of life. I would like to take one step ahead and believe that the right relationship can enhance our individuality.

By this I mean, the right relationship doesn’t just give us joy but also brings our best version out in what matters the most. I have been in relationships that weren’t the best for me and I am in one now, that adds value to who I am – signs of which are quite visible in all these areas:

  1. Functioning from source level: At our source-level, we are 7 intentions: love, beauty, kindness, all-expanding, abundance, creative and receptive. If you notice as children, we were all this most of the time and so naturally, things happen along the way and we get conditioned that makes us feel otherwise. Yes, we can always unlearn and come back to being this even as adults. It gets even more enhanced when we are in the right relationship because that has a huge influence on us – the person plays a pivotal role in making us feel free and safe all over again. It makes us childlike again. We then start to function as one source with all these 7 intentions (exactly how we should be), and that brings out our best version individually – illuminating our energy to all those surround us.
  2. We thrive in our purpose: The right relationship will encourage you to believe that you can achieve everything you want. This relationship is stable and secure and doesn’t fret the achievements and success of one another – in fact, sees this as you being ‘you’! It can make you feel confident, give space to make errors and learn from it. It can even help you find your purpose because you are in your best element! 
  3. Wellness will be a priority: It can’t be the right relationship if it doesn’t take care of your well-being. I know this might seem a bit hard and our tendency is to be defensive but it is also true. Yes, that doesn’t mean at times there can be other reasons people go off track with their health but generally, this is true. Wellness and quality of life can’t be separated – they are one and the same. Balance is key to life and a fulfilling relationship brings a lot of balance as one is inherently content. Contentment has a ripple effect in the home one builds together, food one chooses to consume and lifestyle choices one makes as a couple. 

In the world we live now, people are becoming more cynical about relationships and questioning it. I personally believe otherwise and know that the right relationship will make us change this thought process instantly!

Nipa Asharam is a Thriive-verified, certified health and life coach. Keen to follow a holistic lifestyle that gives your skin a natural glow without stress and tons of maintenance? You can now learn and apply the easy-to-follow secrets to getting a Natural Glow in the comfort of your home.

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