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When you soul mate is actually your friend and not your partner

When you soul mate is actually your friend and not your partner

28 Jun, 2019

‘The person who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself, is the same person who’s been standing beside you all along’, says the narrators in the film called Bride Wars when one of the girls from the BFF duo gets married.

This is the first time that the idea of a soul mate wasn’t presented as romance, dramatic running at the airport and love songs and date nights. Instead, it came wrapped in fights, misunderstandings and a bond between two friends that is beyond the circumference of traditional definitions. This was the first time that I toiled with the idea that my best friend could be my soul mate and no I don’t even have to date him/her!

Most of us think that soul mate means the one love of our life with whom we will spend our life happily ever after. We refuse to believe that our partner may not be our soulmate. Maybe, our soul mate has landed up as a best friend. And that this person will always be your best friend and your soul mate. Here are a few ways to know if your best friend is your soul mate. 

You know it from Day 1

There are some people whom you meet and all you can feel is butterflies in your stomach. Then there are those that make you feel like you are in sync with them like you are in sync with the world. You don’t attract each other; you resonate with each other. Whenever you are with them you are thankful for everything that has brought them to you and you are thankful for being the way you are because deep down you know they connect with your most authentic self. 

You two are embodiments of unconditionality

You surprise the world by not being romantic partners and just being purely soul mates. Not laying expectations on the relationship makes your bond truly unconditional. You both are there for each other even when the world turns upside down without expecting anything in return. The world is also puzzled with the way you communicate. You two are not overtly expressive nor are there are any gaps in the communication. This paradoxical yet beautiful communication is formed because you two know each other beyond what other people know about you. 

You might drift away but that does not change anything

Unlike popular belief, you both might drift apart and go on your own ways. You may lose all contact but will still know in your heart that this person was your only soul mate. You will always know that no matter where they are, they will always remember you and you will always be thankful to them for filling your heart with love. You will never wallow that this person is no longer with you, in fact, you will thank them whenever you feel nostalgic for being there and for fundamentally changing you as a person. And just like that, you will know that some soulmates transcend the conventional definitions of relationships and you will show the world that true soulmates have a bond in mind and not in body. 

There are few bonds that are bound by soul and there are few souls we connect with. Often people say that don’t let your soulmate go when you find one. But they forget that the bonds forged in the soul extend beyond one lifetime. So, don’t wait for the violins to play and wait for your heart to skip a beat, maybe that one friend you sat next to in college or your best playmate is actually the mate your soul has been looking for all along!

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems. 

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