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When you’re together this Diwali don’t just deal, heal

When you’re together this Diwali don’t just deal, heal

21 Oct, 2019

With our fast-paced lives, we often struggle to get time to just be, to reflect and to heal from the happenings of our life. For me, therefore, festive times, isn’t just family chilling but also space to make time for ‘self-care’. 

The real celebration is of releasing issues that block us from being love and festivals are all about love. Sure, it might seem like we won’t have enough time for ourselves but in my experience, planning it backward, one can fit in from small activities to larger ones! Here are some healing ideas for the festival of lights – you still have time to incorporate if not all some of these in your holiday 😉

  1. Journaling: Expressing is healing. We are conditioned to keep it inside so peace is maintained around us. However, it does more damage than ever. We don’t feel our emotions. So now is the time to start journaling. Just sit with your cup of tea, coffee or hot water (even better!) and journal away – have no filter on any negative emotions, grammar, handwriting, abusive language! When you journal, you might judge yourself because of some thoughts you put there – pause, breathe, give a stage for judgment, drop judgment as it doesn’t matter- you are human and then flow with your writing. It takes just about 20 minutes but it can be so healing! So, heal and let your inner light shine.
  2. Perspective meditation: One of the most important things for me to heal has been my change of perspective. After all, we still need to function in the real world and real stuff – there is no escaping but there is a lot of perspective gaining. For all the thoughts and situations that bother me, I look within on what my perspective has been so far and then do a quick check – how can I take 100% responsibility for creating this? How can I change the narrative to move forward? Boom! An epiphany might appear – take about 10-15 minutes during the holidays to make this change for within – heal by dealing!
  3. Quick retreat: If you do not have grand plans, then do not waste this precious time and find the nearest wellness centre or a retreat and get going! We often do not see Diwali as a time to do retreats but what the heck! Change the rules!!! The festival of lights is all about celebration and if the celebration is healing then why not?!?!?! Feel fresh air, breathe deeply, eat nourishing food and come back feel bright! 
  4. Forgiveness and gratitude letters: This can be one of the most humble experiences and gifts at the same time. Writing letters is old school and so special and we can take this moment to write to those who we felt gratitude for this year and those we want forgiveness from. We can close accounts and feel so light and liberated – all of which adds to healing ourselves.
  5. Decluttering: Not just our bedroom and drawers but all those things that clutter our space! Take every aspect of your life and see what is cluttering it – which people, which situations, which choices you aren’t making and try to de-clutter some if not all! De-cluttering is healing and Diwali is known for de-cluttering! Make space for new things to come.

Diwali – the festival of lights in its true essence is celebrating the light in us and around us. However, the light within us will only shine when we heal and feel truly happy. So heal this Diwali – take some steps and end this holiday experiencing the light inside of you.

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