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Why family dinners are the new therapy?

Why family dinners are the new therapy?

2 Dec, 2019

We are a generation progressing more towards ‘what money can buy’ – therefore things have become a way of appreciating and showing our love for family and loved ones. Well, they also make a good Instagram photo op (kidding!!!). 

However simple joys are kind of losing its significance and we are also under-estimating value it brings with regards to bonding and creating moments we will cherish for life. 

One such thing is eating together. With tablets, separate TVs and perpetually being low on time, we have without even giving it a thought, eliminated this beautiful old school ritual. Clearly other things seemed to take over its place. 

The question to be asked – Have we given up something that can change how we bond with our family? Have we seen this ritual more just ‘eating food’? Maybe and maybe we have chosen to be in denial. If this could be the best therapy for soul relationships, maybe we will let it give a comeback. Well, it is.

Family dinners need a comeback badly given how anxiety, depression, and loneliness are becoming epidemics. We do not even realize this till we see strong and tangible signs and by that time it is too late! 

Here are a few reasons and mini-rituals that become a part of family dinners:

  1. Gratitude for food as a family: Did you realize that food is one of the most thankless things we take for granted? So do the kids today? Family dinners can bring that back as a ‘family ritual’. Instantly it rewires the brain to think of abundance even when things sometimes are not going that well for maybe the kids or adults or family together. 
  2. Bridging generation gap: We don’t even realize when this becomes a big block that doesn’t let us share our feelings. We start to feel that the other person might not get where we are coming from and dinner time is a good place to share our heart out. 
  3. Micro-connection: While a lot of emphases have been put on a large connection, micro-connection is also very powerful. Micro-connection is being connected to the small happenings of the day. When we do not acknowledge it, we do not put our awareness on it. So as a family, we can share each other’s day and what we connected to – making it a regular feature. 
  4. Meditative experience: Eating ritual is a meditative ritual. We go for camps and events to learn and practice meditation (and all of this is great!) but we forget we can do this every single day by just feeling the flavours of the food together, switching off from everything else and mindfully enjoying a blessed meal. As a family when we do this, we inculcate this as a practice even the kids can take forward. 

When we see all of the above points in totality, then how is family dinner not one of the best therapies? Even renowned therapists encourage this habit. It is such a simple and joyful experience that it doesn’t even take effort to start as a ritual! 

If growth and connection are integral to you (with your family), then this daily practice needs a comeback. Family is a blessing and if family dinners are a new therapy session, then there is no reason to not start today.

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