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Why loving is curing?

Why loving is curing?

3 Jul, 2019

When we think of love, we always think of emotions that we feel for others. However, we forget that love is the core of our well- being. We don’t need to look for it outside. This love is so powerful that it cannot only heal the mind but also the body. Most of us struggle with identifying this love within ourselves and fail to take notice of the repercussions of not doing this inner work.  Discovering your cup of love within you is much easier than you think. 

“Love is a cure, 
Love is power, 
Love is the magic of changes. 
Love is the mirror, of divine beauty!” — Rumi

These words by Rumi surely do resonate with everything about love and curing. Here are a few ways in which you can find your truest self and heal yourself through that abundant love. 

Love means accepting without opposition

When there’s a lack of resistance and when you accept everything imposing any conditions, you are at ease with yourself- automatically. Acceptance is always the first step towards love. Hence, accepting the situations and your flaws will make you feel at peace with yourself.  

To reconnect with oneself

Connecting to yourself means finding out the abundant love within yourself. If you dive in your own depths you will be able to heal yourself and will realize that there’s nothing that can’t be fixed. 

Return back to your true self

“When love and spirit are brought together, their power can accomplish anything. Then love, power, and spirit are one.” — Deepak Chopra

Most of us lose our ways in our quest to fit into the society’s standards or our own dreams often create illusions. However, reconnecting with yourself when you are lost is the biggest prerogative, we all have towards ourselves. Take out the time to meditate on everything and anything and fix yourself for good. 

Transform negative thoughts 

Negative thoughts of unworthiness and imperfections usually disconnect you from your true nature. When you delve into negativity you go even farther from curing yourself. Negative self-talk will deteriorate your self-worth and in turn, leave you with conflicts about self-love

Heal your thoughts

Thoughts are powerful. Before anything manifests in the physical plane, it manifests in the mental plane. Hence, thoughts lead your actions and your actions will affect your healing. Become mindful about your own thoughts. Observe how many times you criticize yourself and see if you are being overtly critical of yourself. Don’t beat yourself over small things or don’t find refuge in negative thoughts. It is easier to spiral down that path but coming up from that is somewhat difficult. After all, they say, when you hit the rock bottom the only way is up. 

Be active and choose wisely

“Your body is your subconscious mind and you can’t heal it by talk alone,” affirmed the late neuroscientist and pharmacologist Candace Pert.

You must have heard the phrase that you are average of the 5 people that you spend your time with. This speaks volumes about how you perceive yourself. By this, we do not mean that always pick the people who appreciate you but instead pick the ones who know how to love themselves and who have effectively cured themselves with love. When you learn by example the process will get much smoother. Whether it is going for meditation or just conversing over coffee their actions will reflect on you and your actions will be influenced by their thoughts.

Love is the only antidote that can heal oneself and the ideal place where you should be looking for love is not outside its within. 

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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