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Why self-love is important for you?

Why self-love is important for you?

6 Aug, 2019

“Love yourself. Enough to take the actions required for your happiness. Enough to cut yourself loose from the drama-filled past. Enough to set a high standard for relationships. Enough to feed your mind and body in a healthy manner. Enough to forgive yourself. Enough to move on.”

– Steve Maraboli

When you try to get ready for work in the morning, you’ll start with probably looking at your face. Those dark circles, oh they seem fine now. That messy hair- well, kempt it neatly. Does the shirt seem properly ironed? Good job, man. Now one last look before leaving will tell you that your eyes should’ve been bigger, maybe a leaner body would look better? Don’t these thoughts seem familiar to you?

Well, that’s because each of us believe that ‘perfection’ and ‘beauty’ ought to be a certain way. So maybe a tall, dark, muscular body is handsome for a  man while a fair, curvy and homely is a ‘perfect’ for a woman. With time, you get used to these pattern of thoughts. The way you think, and constantly portray to yourself becomes your reality. You try to fix yourself- of a problem that isn’t actually within but outside of you- yes, it’s your lack of acceptance for self. When you don’t accept yourself, you are bound to like yourself less. That’s why we believe your first mantra to healthy living is to love yourself.

Why should you love yourself

Well, that’s a pretty easy answer- your longest and the strongest company is your inner self and hence, loving yourself is your key to a happier you.

When I say love yourself, I mean accept who you are. Observe and appreciate the things you faced during different circumstances and how that has shaped the inner you. Validate yourself for your qualities and embrace your flaws. Trust us, your perspective to life will then change in a big way.

3 ways to love yourself

The best way to love yourself is to agree that there is a need to do so. Now that you have done that, we give you 3 other ways to love yourself more fiercely:

  1. Know yourself: Know what you like and don’t– from your own eyes rather than the eyes of others. In order to know yourself better, meditate whenever you can. Know what YOU like, loathe, why you like what you do.
  2. Address your emotions: Whatever that you feel at any given point of time is important. Address the emotion-whether its anger, sorrow or plain happiness and embrace it. Observe what triggers those emotions and what can soothe you. Never, almost never try to ignore them or suppress them. What’s best? Addressing your emotions will get you closer to yourself.
  3. Spend me-time: Have you ever gone on your own to shop for yourself? Have you watched a movie alone or gone out for a drive- just to be with yourself? Bingo, that’s great! Do whatever it takes to be with yourself and know yourself better.

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