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Why we say it’s okay to not have a plan

Why we say it’s okay to not have a plan

18 Oct, 2019

There is a lot spoken about doing what you love and then we hear and read success stories of people who found their purpose when there were busy hitting a pebble off the streets, just like that! It can make us feel pretty sad and we wonder are we not in the ‘special category’ of purpose? 

And let us not forget the flip side – many people do land up not pursuing their purpose for long or it doesn’t work out but perhaps we don’t even come to know about it! This usually happens because we might often not be aware of the difference between interest and purpose. So we might not be able to sustain or somewhere along the line we do not feel the same about it. 

The verdict is – purpose comes naturally and can take time and that is NOT a bad thing at all! You rather dip your feet, enjoy different things and see what feels good, long term and then know if that is your calling. It is okay if you do not have a plan and it might be a good idea to first know what really ‘feels good’. 

I emphasize ‘feeling good’ here because I did not completely plan to be a health and life coach – I learned this is my purpose while I was trying to feel good in many day-to-day things! And this ‘feeling good’ in day-to-day things is equivalent to finding purpose – let me explain this – we have a host of things in our life that feel good and do not feel good – however we haven’t dissected this bit to ask ourselves – if 90% of our day has to feel good – what needs to change, what needs to be added and what needs to be subtracted? When we break it down like this, we will be surprised at the revelation and the result! 

Here is a quick list of things we can start with and you can do this exercise as you are reading this article: 

  1. Morning routine: On a scale of 0 to 10 how good does it feel today? What can be added, subtracted and changed to up this scale? Do you feel energized, vibrant, youthful, hydrated, fresh? 
  2. Night routine: On a scale of 0 to 10 how does your night routine feel? Do you have one? What do you do to relax your nervous system? Let go of the situations and things that happened in the day? Does your night routine lead to better sleep? Do you sleep well? What would you add, subtract and change to get here? 
  3. Food and Nourishment: On a scale of 0 to 10 how are your food habits today? Do you feel nourished? Do you have wholefoods? Do you eat slowly and chew your food? Do you have a positive connection with the food you eat? If not what can you add, subtract and change to move up on the scale? 
  4. Environment: What is your current environment? Are you surrounded by people who take you higher and add value? Do you feel good talking to the people who you talk to everyday? On a scale of 0 to 10, what do you feel about this and how can you feel much more elevated? 
  5. Learning activities: What activities and interests do you pursue that are teaching you something? Such as reading, writing, creating, building so on and so forth – are you currently making time to learn everyday? Do you know what interests you and are you doing those activities? Where are you on the scale for this one? This is essential, as we need to be in the childlike mode before we even find our purpose – are you in that mode? 
  6. Workout regime: What is your current relationship with this? Do you like your workout? Do you like to take care of yourself? Do you sweat out the toxins? On the scale how do you see this as a massive feel good area? Does it need some change? 
  7. Meditation and mindfulness: Do you meditate to reflect on your thoughts? Do you meditate to know what your perspective is? Do you meditate to know if you take charge of your life? If not then this isn’t even on your scale! This needs to be added NOW 

I have given the thought starters on things that we do every single day that need to feel good – that all lead to a higher purpose eventually! Most often we do not even have this in place – I am not sure if one can find a larger purpose before finding these mini-purposes because this is where clarity begins. This is where awareness comes in. It is completely okay to not have a plan but it is not okay to not work on feeling good on a day to day basis – this is also purpose! 

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