Younger Men Falling For Married Women: Is this the new relationship disaster? |
Younger Men Falling For Married Women: Is this the new relationship disaster?

Younger Men Falling For Married Women: Is this the new relationship disaster?

2 Aug, 2019

I remember having this conversation with a dear friend at a coffee table about how an increasing number of younger men are falling for her, even when she was involved in a marriage. Well, younger men and older women (often married) seem like a rather unconventional pair. Movies have played their bit by cementing this thought in our head. No wonder, we find it bizarre. But if you find yourself in such a fix, just remember that each of us is free to do as we please- whether or not it is immoral or moral, good or bad, for better or for worse- is a question you have to answer!

In a recent interview given by Malaika Arora to a popular magazine, she said, “The age difference doesn’t really pop up when you are in a relationship. It is about two minds and hearts connecting.” Got us thinking about something very very fundamental.

For years now, marriage has been treated as a sacred bond. Infidelity is an offense in this dictionary. However, an increasing number of affairs between single, younger men and married, older women is now becoming common. We scouted through the internet, spoke to some experts and observed a few couples and realized there could be 3 reasons mainly for such a relationship to happen:

  1. Experience: Most women believe that they can be their actual self and feel free without inhibitions when it comes to such relationships. Older and married, these women have a better understanding in terms of how things work in relationships while also having an upper hand in choices owing to their age. Experience in terms of the know-how of relationships and don’t
  2. Great sex: Whether or not you believe this but, a woman in her 30’s and a man in his 20’s are this unlikely-yet-unmatched bedfellow- and this you cannot deny. A lot of younger men prefer to have sex with a woman who has a good amount of experience and no sexual inhibitions. Sexual knowledge and experience is another factor to be considered when it comes to the attraction quotient in the relationships.
  3. Family pressures: Marriages are considered sacred since time immemorial. Majority of affairs begin with disappointments in their personal lives. A lot of married women might need emotional dependence but DO NOT want to make a commitment to responsibility. So they’re pleased to be with a man who needs no commitment but is ready to offer a shoulder to cry on.



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