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3 Techniques to give a sure-fire boost to your meditation by Sonia Rao

3 Techniques to give a sure-fire boost to your meditation by Sonia Rao

14 Dec, 2017

Brahmarshi Patriji and Dr. Newton Kondaveti, beloved Pillars of Thriive, tell us how we can amp up our meditation practice so we are three times more productive, creative and relaxed.

One of our favourite pastimes as children was burning a hole in a piece of paper by focussing a magnifying glass on it. When we grew up we learnt the science behind it. The sun’s rays gathered together at one point had such a high intensity that the light turned into heat energy, capable of igniting a fire. Meditation is somewhat like this.

Letting go of all extraneous thoughts, the mind is brought to focus on one point. Being in the moment, we draw our entire attention to our breathing, thereby generating energy. This intense energy is capable of increasing our observation powers, productivity as well as creativity.
It can reduce our stress levels and turn dis-ease into ease.

Now, imagine a higher, advanced 3X version of meditation. No, it is not wishful thinking. It is completely possible.

Doing these three things  can give you thrice the benefits of regular meditation:

1) Meditate inside a pyramid:

Due to its shape and angles (51°51’51”) a pyramid gets aligned perfectly to the Earth’s magnetic field. Brahmarshi Patriji, the founder of Pyramid Meditation, says this type of meditation is the best way to experience a high energy environment in no time. Because of its structure the pyramid becomes the greatest receiver and transmitter of cosmic energy. In case you cannot visit a meditation pyramid (E.g. Pyramid Valley International) you can build a pyramidal frame of iron or wood at home and meditate inside it.

2) Meditate on  Full / New Moon:
It’s a pretty well-known fact that the moon greatly affects all living beings. Dr. Newton says that emotions can run high especially during the full moon (any wonder that the word lunatic is derived from lunar?). For those wanting to amp up their meditation, he advises meditating on a full/new moon because it channels the extra energy appropriately and gives the doer thrice the benefit of meditation than done on any other day.

3) Meditate in a sacred spot:

Sacred spots are high-energy points on Earth. These powerful vortexes, scattered around the globe, are of three types: Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic. Meditating at these spots is an intense experience as these places are a strong conduit of universal energy and capable of opening our own energy chakras. Book a spiritual journey to any or all of these spots (Stonehenge, Uluru, Lake Titicaca, to name a few) to experience the power of  triple-energy meditation boost.

Join us for Thriive New Moon Meditation on Sunday, 17th December 2017 from 11:00am – 12:00pm at New Age Sage, Andheri. More details here.

(Sonia Rao is the Editor-in-Chief at Thriive).

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  1. I've always enjoyed meditation. It's a great energy booster as well as stress buster. If everyone in the world spent 10 minutes a day meditating it would make the world a better and much more relaxed place.

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