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4 mindful ways to drag your child away from the many techno-gizmos and create calm

23 Mar, 2018

Once upon a time (not very long ago) children could be found on the boughs of trees, or below them, throwing stones at the hanging fruits. Often, they could even be found engaged in sporty, team activities. They would play games that included balls and tiles, making human chains and a game in which a hopping player had to tag (physically tap them :)) the running players. In a nutshell, these physical activities helped hyperactive kids shed their excess energy even while instilling team spirit and creativity within them. Today, children engrossed in e-devices are submerged in unused energy that causes a lot of restlessness. Headaches and boredom are natural offshoots of spending too much time on e-devices.

Here are four ways in which you can get your children off those gizmos and make them more mindful:

a) Mandala ColouringPic Source

Colouring mandalas boosts your child’s concentration and kickstarts their creativity. Contact Thriive-verified Mandala specialist Shilpa Desai to know more.

b) Dog Petting

Pic Source

Connecting with an animal emotionally centers most children. Your child will not get enough of the cuddling and the coddling. A most relaxed way of spending an afternoon mindfully.

c) Being in Tune

Pic Source

Musical notes of particular frequencies have beneficial effects so whether it involves playing different kinds of musical instruments (SVARAM) or listening to their fave tunes, music can open up fascinating worlds for your children, emotionally and mentally.

d) Bedtime Tales

And so your child doesn’t go gizmo-cold-turkey, here’s an app to make bedtimes more inviting. Calm is an app you both will love with its bedtime tales for kids.


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