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5 Kinds of Office Breaks Needed to Boost Productivity

5 Kinds of Office Breaks Needed to Boost Productivity

8 Nov, 2019

You have just attended a call at the work-place and you have another call in an hour. I know you can’t take a break right now. Because you’re way too busy. You have 13 different tabs open on your browser and a coffee that was once hot is now cold. Your to-do list is packed and has several deadlines coming up. 

There are just not enough hours in your day, to get everything done. You have to super-productive at work. You would think taking a break during your work would harm your productivity and slow you down. The entire idea behind breaks is that it helps you to rest your eyes, move around, stretch, and get more blood and oxygen flowing to our brain, to help you boost your productivity. They also tend to make you happier, focused, and more productive at your workplace. 

Here are five different kinds of office breaks that can boost your productivity and help you to get done with your day quicker:

  1. Meditate and Breathe: 

Meditation has been around for a long time and in every aspect of life. It has innumerable benefits and for a good reason. Practicing meditation can act as a powerful tool against anxiety. It can help you to improve your concentration and also aid your mental health at work. In a study conducted by Harvard Medical School proved that employees who meditated also gained an average of 62 minutes per week in productivity. It is certainly gaining popularity in the business world to help employees de-stress themselves at work. 

There are some limitations to meditate, and it’s not for everyone. It is sometimes difficult to find a quiet place to meditate. But breathing exercises don’t have such limitations. They can help you to slow your heart rate, which can help you to focus better on your work-related tasks.

  1. Have a No-Screen Time Break: 

Most of our jobs these days require us to stare at a screen all day. We must give ourselves that break which asks us to avoid using a screen. You don’t realize this but we are bombarded with excessive media content every day. It is not good for us physically, mentally, or emotionally. The break that you take from the screen can you in a very powerful way to improve our well-being. Which, in turn, helps you to increase your productivity.

  1. Eat Away From Your Desk:

Food is your source of energy. You should never skip your meals. In a survey conducted, it was found that those who take a lunch break every day, are 78% more effective and efficient. Not only the meal but having your food away from your desk can be super-effective. The goal behind eating away from your desk is to let yourself relax from your cubical life. Multitasking, while you eat, will not only reduce your productivity but will also not help you to digest your meal. 

  1. Getting Out of the Office for a Walk: 

You enter your office every day to finish off your tasks. But, throughout the day it can get tiresome. A change of scene may be just what you need to increase your productivity at work. A study conducted by Stanford Study showed that a walk can improve workplace creativity. To improve your productivity, try to get some fresh air and go for a walk. An act as simple as walking has many mental health benefits. 

Pro-Tip: Try to go out for a walk without any digital devices with you. I know, I know, It’s important for you to track your walk – but, give yourself and your devices a break too. 

  1. Occasional Sports Event Day:

We all know how important it is to be physically fit! But, that doesn’t mean that you sweat out yourself so much that you cannot get up the next morning, It is equally important that you have fun. Having staff play sports together is a great idea to boost the office’s productivity. While many companies have several team-building activities carried out on their premises, sports can help your team to know each other better than any other corporate game. The physical movements done during the day would not only help the staff to be physically fit but would also help them to concentrate better and for a longer period.

Omkar Kulkarni is a self-proclaimed art appreciator, a certified film reviewer and someone’s favorite human being.

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