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5 Techniques to surround your home with light & love this festive season

5 Techniques to surround your home with light & love this festive season

6 Nov, 2018

When the hurly-burly of everyday life becomes a drudge, festivals come as a spark of rejuvenating light. Who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate? Festivals are gateways of joy and here are some tips to welcome love & light into your home and create a festive vibe.

Aromatic makeover with smudging
Give your home an aromatic makeover. Light up some sage in a smudging bowl and fan out the smoke towards your body. Then fan it out to fill your home so that each and every corner is reached. This will not only keep your home smelling heavenly but will also drive away all the stale energies that are keeping dull and lethargic.


Decorate your home with rangoli – patterns created on the floor with colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. Traditional rangoli designs, forming different kinds of mandalas, are a form of sacred geometry. Drawn at the entrance of the home, they invoke the warming nurturance of the Sun. They also symbolize prosperity and abundance.

Darkness symbolizes ignorance and evil forces. By lighting lamps we choose knowledge, purity and goodness over them. Brighten up your room and your mood with scented candles and oil lamps.

Food Fiesta


This Diwali try out a vegan diet which is said to be a non-violent way of eating. When the food vibrates at a higher frequency it feeds not just the body but also the soul. Get some easy-to-make recipes for mouth-watering, vegan delicacies here: https://sharan-india.org/healthy-recipes/

The family that celebrates together stays together

This is the time to rise higher, the time to let bygones be bygones, time to forgive and let love prevail. When the family is around, every moment becomes memorable.

Share because you care
Everything in the Universe is connected and sharing our good fortune with those not so fortunate fills our entire being with a glow of happiness. This also adds a deeper meaning to life. See what our fave NGO is doing this Diwali: https://goonj.org/green-by-goonj/.

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