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Avengers: Endgame’s Hulk meditates to remain calm and so should you!

Avengers: Endgame’s Hulk meditates to remain calm and so should you!

26 Apr, 2019

‘Tis the day of Avengers: Endgame and there is perhaps, nothing as exciting at the moment as this. Rightly so, we got to thinking about our dynamic superhero who places wellness as a priority. After facing 600 failed auditions, tons of rejections and many lows in his career, Mark Ruffalo aka Hulk rose to fame.

Hulk: The Humanizing Superhero

What is it that you associate the most with Hulk? His hot temper, that one-sided smirk, his loud laughter and incredible strength or may be all of this put together? Yes, that’s what we thought too but the Hulk star, Mark Ruffalo is much more than just that.

Mark Ruffalo has been a religious practitioner of meditation and believes that it is his consistency of meditation that has got him this far. His social media posts too have let us know about his liking for meditation.

In a famous interview with Rolling Stone, he reportedly said, “It’s pretty much a daily practice that quiets your brain and oddly enough, actually slows down time, so you’re not so much trapped in your immediate reactions to things. And everything changed. My work started to change, my luck started to change. The way the world looked to me changed. Like, with all the crazy shit going on in the world, I actually have an enormous amount of hope.”

Meditation and maintaining composure 

While we do know that meditation is the key to a lot of good things, one of its many incredible pluses is that meditation helps you in keeping calm. Here are 3 ways in which meditation helps you to calm down:

  1. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety: Stress and anxiety could be two of your greatest enemies in today’s fast-paced world. Excessive pressure and unending competition triggers certain disturbances in our brain that clutters your mind. A lot of studies have proven that meditation can lower your stress levels and also help in reducing anxiety.
  2. Meditation improves your decision making capacity: In a study named ‘Calm and smart? A selective review of meditation effects on decision making’ that was published in journal ‘Frontiers in Psychology’, it was proven that “meditation modulates brain activities associated with cognitive control, emotion regulation and empathy, and leads to improved non-social and social decision making.”
  3. Meditation helps with brain ageing: Brain ageing could be your worst possible nightmare. Meditation is said to preserve your brain.


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