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Be An Angel Today: Find Out Which One You Are!

“Be An Angel” Today: Find Out Which One You Are!

22 Aug, 2018

Today is “Be An Angel” Day. Choose a number and click on the pic to know which Angel energy resonates with you.

Angels are beings of light made of pure energy. They live in higher dimensions and are not bound by time, space and matter. Angels are pure love and are always ready to help and guide us, if we ask them for it. Each of the Angels has different roles and energies.

Suggestion: Meditate on the Angel that’s revealed and imbibe their qualities.

Archangel Ariel is the angel of abundance as well as that of the Natural World. Her name means “Lioness of God”. She epitomizes the energy of abundance and unconditional love that is seen in Nature. Often depicted as a beautiful presence poised on top of the World, she spreads her healing light over the entire Plant, Animal & the Mineral Kingdom. True abundance, prosperity and success come from going out of the comfort zone and taking a leap of faith. Meditate on this card to reach your full potential through assistance with setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what’s best for you.

Archangel Azrael is known as the Angel of Death. His name means “Whom God Helps”. He stands for the energy of comforting the dying and the grieving. He is the source of quiet strength and comfort and helps to overcome the fear of death. He also provides a bigger spiritual and emotional perspective to those going through grievous loss and helps to find the lessons they provide. Meditate on this card to find the strength and the courage to move on from loss and believe in the beauty of life.

Archangel Gabriel is the Divine Messenger. His name means “God is my strength.” Archangel Gabriel is the patron angel of creativity and children. He stands for the energy of communication, knowledge and wisdom. Ask for his divine help if you are an artist or a writer/creator who is feeling blocked and seeking inspiration or is putting out a new creation before the public. Dreams and intuitive impressions are his desired mode of sharing visions from the future. Meditate on this card to reunite with the full truth of who you are and to cut the chords of self-limiting beliefs, doubts and attachments.

Archangel Michael is the most powerful of all angels. His name means ‘He who is as God’. He is the patron angel of righteousness, mercy and justice. Often depicted as a Warrior, he stands for energy that can help one cut the chords of attachment to toxic people, things and situations. He also helps to release negativity, fear and doubt. If you are feeling sad or low on energy, focus on Archangel Michael. He is the source of courage we need to make positive life changes, helps us to remember our life purpose and lead our lives more fully and vibrantly by aligning it with our passions.

Archangel Raphael is the healing angel. His name means “God Heals”. He is the patron angel of healthcare and travel and can help with all physical, mental and emotional issues. He stands for energy to manifest health in our lives including curing addictions and cravings and, in certain cases, triggering instant and miraculous healing. Archangel Raphael works to heal animals and the environment too. He is also the protector of travellers so when you are embarking on a journey, an appeal to Archangel Raphael for his protection can help you overcome the obstacles and hindrances in your path.

Archangel Jophiel is the angel of art and beauty. Her name means “Beauty of God”. She helps one to see inner beauty in others as well as in oneself. As the patron saint of artists, she illuminates the creative spark. She stands for the energy of manifestation. Her healing light spreads over those with self-esteem issues. When one feels blocked, Archangel Jophiel shows the way to decluttering stale energies and provides the strength to implement positive action. Meditate on this card if you are feeling unfocused or overwhelmed with life.

Archangel Chamuel is the angel of peaceful relationships. His name means “He who seeks God”. He epitomizes the energy of balance in life in terms of emotions and mental health. Archangel Chamuel spreads bestows his healing light on those who are seeking: be it small items of daily use, a job, a loving relationship or then their own life purpose or even peace within themselves. He is happy when people learn to love themselves because this is mirrored in their lives and helps them resolve conflicts both within themselves and with others.




Archangel Raguel is the angel of justice and harmony. His name means “Friend of God”. He is a champion to underdogs, and he can help those who feel slighted or mistreated become more empowered and respected. He mediates in arguments and disputes to which he brings his high standards of fairplay and justice. Be it a legal or an emotional fight, Archangel Raguel settles it with finality. His way is the path of harmony and goodwill. His energy is that of the whistleblower who brings to attention the injustices happening in the world. Meditate on this card to help you find closure to painful, past issues and guide you towards healthier relationships.

Archangel Sandalphon is the angel of grounding and being connected to Earth. His name means “Soul Brother”. His chief role is to deliver prayers to the Divine so they are clearly heard and answered. Sandalphon’s divine duties also include inspiring humanity to take good care of Planet Earth. He can help turn sound vibrations into sound healing by raising their vibrations. Artists and writes invoke him to infuse divine music into their creations. Meditate on this card for answers to your prayers which Archangel Sandalphon sends subtly through music and words you can hear inside yourself.

Archangel Raziel is the angel of mysteries and the revelation of sacred secrets. His name means “Secret of God”. He is depicted as an older masculine energy that is kind and loving. He stands for the energy of developing psychic abilities and spirituality and the deepening of faith. If understanding abstract concepts or synthesizing modalities is a challenge, invoking Archangel Raziel can help. Meditate on this card to understand the mysteries of life through the interpretation of your dreams and past life.

Archangel Zadkiel is the angel of mercy. His name means “Righteousness of God.” He stands for the energy of showing compassion to self as well as to others. If relationships have gone bad or one seeks redemption for one’s mistakes, Archangel Zadkiel is invoked to spread his healing light and sweep away unforgiveness from your mind, body and heart. He is of special relevance to students or those seeking to remember important information. Meditate on this card to strengthen your memory-enhancing capabilities.

Lady Gaia is the 9th dimensional Angel in charge of this planet. She works in association with the intergalactic council and invites souls to this planet- these souls could be animals, healers, agents of change and Angels. Any soul who resides on Earth has to be welcomed by Gaia. She also reminds certain souls of their purpose on this planet and helps them pursue their divine destiny.

Special thanks to Thriive-verified Angel Card Reader Somedutta Ray, for providing the right guidance while writing this article. For personal readings, you can contact her here: https://bit.ly/2Bz9YEM

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