Can meditating together strengthen your relationship? |
Can meditating together strengthen your relationship?

Can meditating together strengthen your relationship?

30 Apr, 2019

Meditation is intrinsically a very personal activity. But it is also true that meditating in a group gives immense benefits on account of the exponential energies. So, wouldn’t meditating with your spouse / significant other provide more benefits than meditating alone? We asked our Thriive-verified Wellness and Life Coach Anu Sachar to weigh in and tell us how meditating together can strengthen our relationship with our partner.

Meditating together – A fabulous tool for young couples to enhance intimacy 

Evolved couples do it everyday. They meditate together on a daily basis. As a young couple, they are driven by their needs to have materialistic comforts, social connections, taking care of their family, careers and so on. They are outwards focussed. At this stage, meditation benefits them with lower stress levels, maintaining their health to meet the multiple demands of family, society, careers and overall well being. As they advance to middle age, their motto changes to “I learn. I can do.” Their meditation is deeper within and they connect with each other at more profound levels, embracing life changes like empty nest and retirement with ease and wisdom. In their senior years, they are more in harmony with each other, at peace with managing health changes, passing over of loved ones with grace and acceptance.

To reach this harmonious stage in life, the young couple must begin meditating together.

Benefits of meditating together:

  1. Getting to spend quality time with each other
  2. Creates  a channel of open and clear communication with each other
  3. Both evolve simultaneously, so they are able to appreciate their own as well as their spouse’s life journey
  4. Setting an intention to co-create and do things in harmony
  5. Uplift each other – if one is more of a loner, the other is gregarious, the synergy is an empowering balance
  6. Chanting together during meditation brings them in tune with each other’s energy
  7. Start manifesting common goals with a sense of joy.
  8. When they start evolving and empowering themselves, they begin to realise that they actually have it all.

Both men and women interpret meditation in different ways. Men are highly visual and caught up in materialistic pursuits. Women on the other hand are more intuitive and find it easy to go within. They are both visual and auditory.

Playing on each other’s orientations and strengths can help the couple evolve to their higher selves through meditating together.

Step-by-step guide to meditating together

For those new to meditating together, the secret is to begin with baby steps as given below:

  1. Meditate as soon as you wake up.
  2. In the beginning, meditate for just 5-10 minutes.
  3. Evolve organically by adding more time as it suits you
  4. Use all sensory aids: visual, auditory & kinesthetic, in the beginning
  5. Start with doing chanting meditation together
  6. Use guided meditation or music to keep you grounded
  7. To make sure you don’t dissociate, use sound meditation tracks with bowls, flutes, soothing mantras.
  8. Do guided breathing exercises together to be in tune with each other’s rhythm and pace.
  9. You will observe that you both soon move into the silent zone.
  10. If needed, you can keep a lighted candle to focus on.

Once the couple is comfortable and attuned to each other, they can explore the many different types of meditations. They might discover some that resonate with them deeply. Meditating together brings in a unique intimacy to the relationship and keeps it fresh and uplifting even after many years of togetherness. Try it.

About Anu Sachar

Anu Sachar is a Life Coach with over 25 years of experience in coaching and healing. She
works with young adults as well as adults tapping into Psychology and Coaching
intelligence in making the journey fun, celebrating life in every moment.
She partners with her clients through authentic reflection to develop powerful practices
and self-discovery of the innate consciousness that resides within each one of us. As
clients discover their GEMS within, they discover the powerful meaning and purpose of
their life! We’re proud to have Anu Sachar on board as a Thriive-verified Life Coach. You can connect with her here:

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