Does Meditation Bring Discipline In Life |
Does Meditation Bring Discipline In Life

Does Meditation Bring Discipline In Life

25 Jun, 2019

Let’s begin with Meditation as a practice. If you are a beginner or even a seasoned practitioner of meditation you might have faced those days when sitting for meditation looks like a huge task. Your mind tries its best to have you postpone things and deny the outcomes of tomorrow but discipline gets it going. Meditation itself is a discipline that needs you to get out of your comfort zone and do what you have decided to do- attain mindfulness.

To achieve discipline you need willpower and meditation can help envoke the parts of your brain that work as the willpower-powerhouse. Practicing any kind of meditation improves the level of concentration and hence enhance the
discipline in your activities. We can say meditation and discipline go hand-in-hand. Where meditation needs discipline and it is achieved by meditation one way or the other.

Anything from a better job to a better body or a better lifestyle needs discipline to be achieved. You can either procrastinate or go get it done, it is up to you. While it is easy to sit on the couch, scroll your social media or binge watch series of content that will not affect the way you look, feel or want to feel.

Getting up, facing your fears and making better choices will put you at ease and will make you a better person. It’s always one at a time and it takes willpower to make a harder choice for a better version of you. Here’s what you can do to make meditation a part of your daily routine and slowly introducing discipline in your life.

  1. Choose a goal: It is very important to know where you are going before you start preparing for it. Choose a goal and just move towards it. Leave the fear, laziness, procrastination or any other barrier behind and keep moving forward. Focus!
  2. Follow the routine: A routine is very important to make a mark, learn and improve. Pick a time slot or a manner which helps you return to your dedicated goal daily. For instance, if you meditate at 8 in the morning try to meditate at 8 every day.
  3. NEVER, never miss: No matter how hard it may seem, how unimportant and “can be done later” it appears, you have to do it. Get up and get it done.
  4. Look at the bigger picture: It might get mundane after a while but keep digging. Look at the bigger picture, its everything you wanted. Don’t give up now when you are so close to it.
  5. Be honest and consistent: Meditation is a miraculous practice with benefit beyond our imagination. Just look for that right frequency for yourself and practice with your heart and soul. Don’t cheat because that will be cheating yourself. It is for your own benefit and you will notice that once you start. It always takes time to make something of greater value and similarly, the art of meditation will mold you and make you a better version of yourself, be patient.

If you can strike a balance of body, mind, and soul achieving all other goals can get much easier and what I would call it-a synchronized performance. A calm mind knows what it actually wants and hence the body will put the energy in the right direction. Isn’t it a matter of energies anyway! Your brain can be trained the way you want it to and meditation opens the door to it. Be your own help in the need of the hour, you can do it if you strive to. Just concentrate and have the courage to fight that one moment of weakness.

We have seen examples of all kinds where school dropouts turned out to be millionaires and junk food enthusiasts turned into nutritionists. It’s the discipline they put their mind and body through that got them there. There is no certain age to follow the path of discipline and leave that idea of procrastination behind. It is never an easy path but what lies ahead is definitely more regarding that all the struggle and hard work you go through. Prepare for a marathon, write that book, get that dream body or just finish your hourly meditation, every day, each day without a pause. Be aware, be focused and you will achieve every single thing you wish to be.

Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing.  

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