Doing these 2 indigenous rituals will help you to get the most out of today's total lunar eclipse |
Doing these 2 indigenous rituals will help you to get the most out of today’s total lunar eclipse

Doing these 2 indigenous rituals will help you to get the most out of today’s total lunar eclipse

27 Jul, 2018

Move away from darkness and into the light with these healing rituals 
By Susan Hough

“Ceremony and Ritual connects us to our own essence, to help us tune into the Spirituality among the Dagara people.”
Sobonfu Somé

Today’s total lunar eclipse will occur with the Full Moon (Blood Moon). This will be the longest lasting total lunar eclipse of the 21st century (1 hour and 43 minutes).

Releasing the Darkness
Because this Full Moon is also an eclipse, it is about finding what is in the shadow that needs to be released. There could be a moment when the darkness of the eclipse can feel like it is overtaking you. But with the support of your community you can push through it and give birth from whatever that darkness needs to share with you. Together, in being connected, a deeper transformation can occur and awaken the love between us.

Doing this in the indigenous ways means all come together as a community because each one holds something individual and makes the community whole by bringing the energy that is needed.

Indigenous Moon Rituals for Healing

Sitting in a circle and celebrating these rituals brings a sense of togetherness and peace to the community as a whole and to each individual. Because truly we are all better when somebody holds the space for us to let go.

This moon is about releasing stagnant energy, thoughts that no longer serve you and breaking habits that are holding you back, with the support of your community, which always has your back, holding that space for you.

One indigenous ritual you can do for this Lunar Eclipse is a Fire Ritual. You gather as a community each writing down or speaking any fears, worries, or stagnant energy that needs to be released. Build a fire and by burning this paper or visualizing letting go of these things into the fire it will allow space for what you need in this moment. Let go so you can receive love for yourself, your community and the world.

Another ritual to bring nurturance and sweetness to each person, the community and the world is the Milk and Honey Ritual. Go to a water body and make an offering to it with Milk and Honey. The milk signifies nurturance and the honey, sweetness. 

Your healing will affect the healing of not just yourself, but also your community and the world. By pushing through what blocks you, along with your community, it will awaken all to new beginnings and open all to love.

Susan Hough is a Life Coach and ritualist as well as the founder of ‘Living Your Gifts”. After 20 years working in very traditional mental health, Susan knew that wasn’t her path and her search led her to a Daraga Teacher named Sobonfu Somé. Susan became one of a handful of Westerners to get initiated into the rites, rituals and healing wisdom of her tradition. Through the combination of Western and Dagara Wisdom, Rites and Rituals, Susan helps everyone from teens to adults discover how powerfult hey are. To know more about Susan Hough, please visit: 

Susan Hough will be presenting at the 11th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences being held at Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, from 29th Sept – 2nd Oct, 2018. To know more and to get the Early Bird Offer, visit

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