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Free will or Destiny

Free will or Destiny

22 Dec, 2016

In the days of instant everything, the internet is exploding with instamagic formulas guaranteed to make all your dreams come true. Manifestation is the new mantra! Is it true? Is the choice all ours? Or are we still the puppets of fate whose strings lie in the hands of unknown forces?

We have all found ourselves stuck between ‘maybe it was never destined to happen’, or ‘maybe I don’t have a choice’ at least ten times in a day while dealing with the smallest of things like hoping to catch an empty bus, getting away with an unfinished project, or dealing with a fallout with someone over a silly fight. The argument for destiny is deeply embedded in our psyche, a notion so known to us that we fall back upon it as an excuse for every thing that went wrong. So where does destiny end and free well begin? Dr.Newton clears up the myths and mysteries.

Does destiny exist or everything is free-willed?

Both exist. As long as we don’t wake up to our ‘real self’, we are going to be affected by the forces of destiny. Let us take the analogy of students in a school. The beginners studying in the kindergarten will not have many options and choices and as we advance to the higher classes, students have the free will to choose their subjects to study. Forces of destiny are nothing but our sum total of karmic forces from the past. In the beginning stages of our evolution, the karmic forces of destiny will be affecting us and as the soul advances to the old soul level, there happens the awakening of the wisdom and free will. Old souls create their own reality and participate in co-creating realities with others.

Why are we given free-will? Wouldn’t it be nicer to create mankind as inherently good?

‘All That Is’ or Source is an impersonal creative force which created everything in the universe with pure love and joy. Let us take the example of parents who create their children out of sheer joy and love. The parents give all the free will to their children because they love them unconditionally. There is inherent goodness in the whole of creation. Evil that we see in the world is the misdirection and distortion. As beginner souls who have incarnated on the earth, will be operating with aggression and fear of survival. Several opportunities are given for them to learn the karmic lessons in this school of earth. It takes several lifetimes to reach the stage of maturity to understand it and as we reach to the old soul stage of evolution, free will is recognized.

Since human brain is maybe designed to have hallucinations, what if free will is just an illusion?

Free will is absolute truth. As we expand into higher levels of consciousness, we start creating our destiny by exercising our free will.

Is anybody’s destiny defined by forces outside of themselves?

Outside forces which are influencing is inversely proportional to the evolution of the soul. “The wiser the soul, the lesser the impact of outside forces.” Unfinished business and unresolved issues from the past lives are the karmic forces which influence one’s current life. However, all these external influences fade away as the soul perfects the lessons on this earth. But the higher truth is there is no outside force which can influence our present life. Not to exercise free will is also a choice made by few souls because of their own free will.

How can some people predict the future and be absolutely correct about it?

All possibilities and probabilities exist for all of us. Those who are able to tune into the highest possible futures are able to receive the information through precognitive ability and that’s why they are able to predict the exact future. Take the analogy of two ships which are coming towards each other but there is a hill which is blocking the view. There is a high probability of collision of the two ships. But someone who can be in a helicopter can view the possibility of this collision well ahead in time and alert the captains of the ships of this possible danger.  Those who are spiritually sensitive or meditators can develop the faculty of precognition.

What is the concept of ‘surrendering?’

Surrender is harnessing the universal collective forces in the creation process. For example, a person intends to create a project which costs lots of money. After the initial steps of intending and putting all the effort in creating an astral template, surrenders to the collective force of the universe. It is like swimming in a river. At some places you will be exercising your free will  and at other places where the current is strong, you surrender to the river and allow the river to take you forward. We do exactly the same way in our life too; there is a time we need to exercise our free will and to surrender to the higher collective forces.

Do you have any experience or knowledge of “Gods/lords of karma?”

There are astral beings in the astral world who act like guides. In the life after death states, those guides will make us review our life and facilitate this process. They don’t judge us; they only make us see what we have learned and what we have not from that past life. Some of these astral beings are known as Lords of Karma who reside in the higher astral worlds. They evaluate our evolution. They can also offer guidance regarding the next incarnation cycle, along with helping us in the selection process of our parents, country, religion, gender and situations based on our karma that is accumulated from all the past lifetimes.

How can one consciously create their destiny?

One stumbling block in creating our own destiny is unfinished and unresolved past. Meditation is like a vacuum cleaner which eliminates past imprints. Daily Meditation practice and cultivating the awareness will remove the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.  Meditation can help us focus on the present. By being in the present moment and using our free-will, we can intend to create what we desire in our life because thoughts create reality. After adding the positive feeling and emotional energy to the primary thought that you created, visualize in your mind’s eye what you would like to create. Now surrender it to the collective forces of the universe to join you in the co-creation process.

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