Get ready to soak in nature at the Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences |
Get ready to soak in nature at the Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences

Get ready to soak in nature at the Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences

26 Sep, 2019

We resist change in general. As a human reaction, we are wary of the changes that occur around us or within us. But nature has its way of healing us all. Nature is ever-changing yet ever-constant.

Influential naturalist and conservationist John Muir famously said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

That’s the paradox that nature comes in with. That’s why at the 12th Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS) 2019, the focus is on getting everything back to its serene roots. Indulge in some fun while initiating your interactions with nature. Here are a few places in Pyramid Valley International (PVI) to look out for: 

    • Trek to Tapasthali- Spiritual masters have recognized Tapasthali as the most sacred and energetic power spot in the entire valley. One can get the scenic view of the entire Pyramid Valley campus from here. While you attend GFSS, you could treat yourself to the wonderful nature here!
    • Adi Shakti Dhyana Kshetram– Nestled among the lush green woods, this where Master Patriji holds meditation sessions while he is on campus.
    • MedLabMeditation Lab promotes research in Consciousness-based Healing and Therapeutic modalities. Designed to help individuals achieve spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well being, it has various devices for healing including ALFA HRV Analyzer, Foot Detox, FA Infra Sauna, Braintap-Mind Machine, I – float, SCENAR-Cosmodic Ex735Ag, and SE -5 1000 Scalar Energy. 
    • Milarepa Akhanda Dhyana PyramidsThese are a group of 10 individual pyramids situated amidst a coconut grove. 
    • Osho PyramidThis is yet another pyramid for intense meditation located en-route to Tapasthali.




Come to PVI from September 27th to October 2nd and let nature embrace you while you #EmpowerYourOwnChange!

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