Gift yourself a clear aura this season |
Gift yourself a clear aura this season

Gift yourself a clear aura this season

16 Dec, 2018

Become a manifesting-machine with these aura-improving exercises

By Pratibha Shetty

You Are The Creator
Whatever’s happening with you in your outer world reality has been created by you. Yes, you are the Creator of the life you’re living today. If you’re still wondering how, think back to the words of Buddha who said: “Your thoughts create your reality.” But this journey of life requires you to be in union with all that is created: the world, its objects and the creator (which is You). To be able to do this with ease, you have energy tools called Chakras and Auras.

The Chakras are a system of 7 energy centres that are positioned on a core that runs up and down from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. The Aura is an energy field that surrounds the physical body. Any imbalance in the chakra network results in corresponding mutations and seepages in the Auric field.

If you’ve been doing any of these things, chances are your auric field is contaminated:

  • Neglecting your self-care
  • Too much exposure to negative people and situations
  • Undue worry or fear about the future
  • Too much attachment to the past
  • Overindulgence in electronic communications
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Unclear boundaries in relationships
  • Emotional eating

Cleanse Your Aura

Clearing your Aura will protect you and help you function in coordination with your true purpose of existence, through proper alignment with your 7 Chakras. That is when your intention is running at full power and your manifesting power is at its peak.

Chakras function best when they are aligned vertically, slightly in front of the spinal column. This allows the vital force or energy to flow evenly up and down the length and breadth of the body.

Spiritual practices like meditation and healing go a long way in aligning the chakras. But we’ve got a few quick-fix steps for smoothing your chakra energies.

Tune into your inner power by aligning your chakras with your auric field with these exercises to become a lean, mean, manifesting machine:

  • While sitting, driving a car, simply standing or even getting ready for meditation, begin by ensuring that your Spine is erect.
  • Imagine that you are like a Pyramid, with the base broad enough to hold all the energies of the Earth. Widen your hips to elongate your spine and make the base of your body, wide enough to hold the weight of your body and that of the Universe.
  • Take a deep breath and watch as your breath goes up and down, from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet.
  • Imagine that this Life Force Energy is penetrating every cell in your body, every atom, every molecule, every neuron, every proton, every electron, penetrating all those tissues, bones, joints, muscles in your body.
  • Now imagine the Seven radiant Jewels of your chakras, spinning with splendour along the centre line of your body, through your spine, bringing your chakras into alignment.

You can also protect your aura by:

  • Placing salt bowls or salt lamps (rock salt or Himalayan salt) in your area of activity to prevent the absorption of negative energy from the environment or from objects and people who are energy vampires.
  • Brushing off negativity by physically jumping up and down
  • Practising various yogic exercises
  • Meditating on your deeper Self

Adopt the method(s) that work for you and practise them regularly to protect yourself from negative contamination and enable your Mind/Body alignment with their individual chakras to tune into perfect harmony and manifest that what will give you ultimate satisfaction.


About Pratibha Shetty
After 20 glorious years as a banker, Pratibha Shetty, answered the call from the world of Spiritual Science. Leaving the corporate world to concentrate on her inner evolution she did the 10 day stint at the Vipassana retreat in Dubai, almost 18 years ago. This set her on her journey as a healer. A trained Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Emotional Freedom therapist, Past Life Regression Therapist with Re-birthing, Acupressure practitioner, Pratibha realised these are all body & Mind related. She was moved to the Soul dimension of Being, through Preethi Siddhi Shakti, where nothing is done and it all happens on its own, like Meditation. These days, she allows the Divine within her to work and just move away, to allow the Love & Compassion to flow through her. She teaches Spiritual Science & Meditation and the by-product of it is Healing with Spiritual Love Energy (Preethi Siddhi Shakti).

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  1. Good morning. I’m a follower of a Guru and regularly follow the guidelines given by my Guru. I am a banker,still in service. I have the habit of going through such articles as and when time permits. Ichanced upon this article just now.

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