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Give Your Home An Energy-Cleanse

18 Aug, 2018

When stagnant energy fills up the home, it’s time to give it a makeover
By Sonia Rao

Ever entered a room and felt something was ‘off’? We are ‘energy’ beings. When this energy, also known as ‘chi’, flows unobstructed through us, we feel a sense of ease. When it is blocked, we experience dis-ease. This is true also for the physical space we live in. When energy does not get free space to flow through, it results in accumulation of stagnant energies. This can be a result of energies brought in by guests and also by the weather. Today, one of the biggest culprits of energy dump are the electromagnetic vibrations that emerge from the innumerable e-devices that surround us. When you start being irritable, lethargic and things are not going as well as they should be, perhaps it is time to give your home an energy-cleanse.

The New Moon is especially a good time for a cleanse as the moon readies itself for a new inning. Do one at Eclipse time. And in any case, do it when you instinctively know it’s time for one.

Here are 3 awesome ways to do it:

1) Chi-Organiser
We love the Wifi that powers our cell phones and our laptops but it can be a huge energy-vampire. Fight off the harmful electromagnetic frequencies and radiation emitted by e-devices and give your home a rejuvenating, energy-balancing armour with the Chi-O.

In fact, Chi-O even enhances the energy levels of the body when it registers it to be drooping. It works as a neutralizer, bringing the body to a state of balance that has been unaffected by EMF radiations. Chi-O is popularly worn as a piece of jewellery but it can also be used as a protection shield in homes, cars and offices.

Find out more about the device here:

2) Smudge With Sage
Take an energetic shower by doing what the native Americans did to cleanse the air around them: burn a few herbs and drive away the stale energies that are making you lethargic and dull. Your house gets an aromatic facelift too. Most popular herbs are sage, cedar and rosemary. Making sure these herbs are dry, light them inside a smudging bowl. Once they start smoking, fan the smoke towards your body to purify yourself. Then move all around the house, filling it with smoke, with special attention to corners. This exercise is best performed mindfully and with full awareness.

Smudge-sticks are easily available in case you can’t make your own:

3) Soothing Chants

The world was born to the sound of OM, they say. Words have power. Sound of certain wavelengths are known to rewire the brainwaves. This works well with the energy of a place, too, by playing soothing chants. Fill your home with these soulful renditions by Kaya and Kasara and feel your own spirits lift:

Sonia Rao is the Editor-in-Chief at Thriive Art & Soul.

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