Here’s how meditation can make you a better entrepreneur! |
Here’s how meditation can make you a better entrepreneur!

Here’s how meditation can make you a better entrepreneur!

8 Mar, 2019

Entrepreneurs are known to live life on the edge. And it can often take a toll. Meditation is the one way to prepare yourself for the ups and downs of an entrepreneur’s life and come out on top. Who could tell us how to do this better than Thriive Pillar & Vice Chairman of Pyramid Valley International Shreans Daga.

The story of how he discovered meditation and how it changed his life completely has inspired us completely.

So, we asked him how meditation could become an important tool in an entrepreneur’s business kit and here’s what he had to say: 

Changing Negative Emotional Patterns & Beliefs
Meditation helps us change our subconscious negative emotional patterns. Most of us carry past emotional conditioning. Between the ages of 3 and 5, we learn new things. But after that, 90% of the time, we repeat the same emotional patterns, again and again. The choices we make are also usually those that suit our emotional addictions as they generate the same chemical reactions in our body.

Our beliefs, often shaped by social conditioning can disempower us too. Feeling guilty for taking a holiday or going for a massage, negative thinking like something bad is going to happen, thoughts like “no pain, no gain” – all these form negative emotional patterns.

But, when we begin our meditation practice, we can change it all. Erasing our negative emotional patterns and replacing them with self empowering ones becomes easy.

Making Right Decisions 

When we meditate, we move from survival-based emotions to creative-based emotions. The choices we make depend on which state we are in. So, when we are in survival-based emotions, even the choices will be based on those emotions, coming out of fear, insecurity, competition, hatred, greed or lust. The right decisions will come when we move to love-based emotions. These decisions will come from abundance, love, joy, peace and oneness. And at that moment, you’ll choose something with a lot of clarity and full belief. That will be the right choice.

Attracting Abundance 
Meditation makes me happy from within. So, when I can feel the abundance, the good health and the joy without depending on the external environment, I begin to draw more of the same into my life. The law of attraction works this way. So, I’m no longer living the life of cause and effect, instead, I am causing an effect.

About Shreans Daga

Vice-chairman of Pyramid Valley International, Shreans Daga has aided hundreds of masters in spreading their light around the world, and guides people to transform their lives through love-based changes to create a brand-new, empowered reality. Shreans’ main focus and research has led him to discover the world of Quantum Energy Medicine and the Science of Spirituality. He is also the Founder President of the Mumbai Pyramid Spiritual Society.

If you’ve always wondered about meditation but never experienced it, now’s your chance to give it a shot! Thriive Art & Soul’s Moon Magic Meditations are very popular. Call 7506424584 or email [email protected] to get your invite in advance.

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