Here’s how today’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar eclipse can transform your life |
Here’s how today’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar eclipse can transform your life

Here’s how today’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar eclipse can transform your life

21 Jan, 2019

Eclipses are the game changers of life. Learn to play them well.

Mention the word eclipse and two groups will form in front of you. On the left, you’ll get the scientific types spouting science jargon quoting NASA and throwing these explanations at you: A lunar eclipse takes place when the Sun, Earth and moon line up so that the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow.

On the right, you’ll have the superstition-oriented types who even while muttering some mantras might want to scare you with a narration of the many the ills that eclipses bring.
But, as the Buddha said, it’s best to take the Middle Path, even in the case of eclipses.

On 21st January 2019, the Full Moon will be an eclipse but not just that, it will also be a SUPERMOON, A BLOOD RED MOON and also A WOLF MOON.

It’s like a novelist with too many pen names, right?

But coming back to the eclipse, my childhood memory is that of wretched women dressed in tatters carrying a naked kid on their hip and a big cloth bag on the shoulder shouting out “De daan, chhootey grahan” (Do give alms so that the eclipse may end). Since atleast 4 eclipses take place every year, you felt you’d done your philantrophic deed for the year by giving them lentils, used clothes and even money.

Nowadays, the beggars are a no-show except at traffic signals but why wait for them to come to you. Eclipses might be a good time to take stock of your life (and pave the path for transformation) by asking these questions:

  1. Are you doing enough good in the world?
  2. Are you doing what really makes your soul sing?
  3. Are you ready to face your shadow self and let go of what needs to be released?


Now we know that the Moon affects the tides and since we are 70%+ water, its phases affect humans in a big way too. Full moons bring out all the psycho behaviour in people (and sometimes the werewolves, if you live in Potter World). Yes, wolves do bay at the moon, especially in winter and so the January full moon is also called the Wolf Moon. Be careful to keep your wolf-like characteristics in check (police have more than enough reports of it) Meditation can help to remain calm and done at this time, gives thrice the benefit of regular meditation.


At the time of the lunar eclipse, the moon is blocked by the Earth but a little bit of sunlight reaches the Moon through the Earth’s surface and gives it a red tinge. And since the moon is closest to the Earth at this time, it is going to look BIG. Hence the
name Supermoon.

Here’s what you can do to make this SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE memorable:

  1. Feel the eclipse with your body – how is it impacting you physically.
  2. Journal it. Write down all your thoughts and what you are experiencing at this time.
  3. Since the eclipse is in LEO – which is the 5th House by Signs and so connected to creativity – recheck whether your inner Child is having fun. Seek new or revisit older avenues of authentic self-expression. Make time for yourself.

And if you welcome rituals, check out these two fire rituals by indigenous tribes shared with us by Ritualist & Healer Susan Hough.

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Sonia Rao is the Editor In Chief at Thriive Art & Soul


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