Here's why you must encourage your kids to start meditating |
Here’s why you must encourage your kids to start meditating

Here’s why you must encourage your kids to start meditating

16 Jul, 2019

To me, meditation was always supposed to be an adult thing. Sitting still in one position with your eyes shut and focus centered to just one thing never seemed like a child’s activity. But if you ask me today, the only regret I have is not starting to meditate earlier in life. 

Meditation has gobs of benefits (that’s no news!). And almost every day is a great day to start with your meditation regime. Grab your yoga mat and just sit your children down and get going! Although there are too many benefits to be put down in a blog post, here are the top 5 benefits of meditation for your children:

  • Concentration: If you are worried about your child not being too concentrative in classes, here’s what you can do! The very act of meditation is about improving your concentration and making you more attentive. 
  • Stress: It is no complex science that meditation can help you in dealing with stress better. Peer pressure and competition come across as regular terms for us.  That’s where meditation can do wonders for your child by helping them in getting better at handling stresses and pressures.
  • Immunity: According to various studies a meditation routine can help in amping up your immune system and create lasting changes in your brain cells. It helps in building your immune system by inducing positivity in your body and mind. For your kids, this will be a real boon! 
  • Learning the art of letting go: If you leave your child on a beach, there are multiple things that they would do. One of the most obvious things is to play with the sand. As children, there are no staple patterns set for them.
    They go with the flow, let go of things easily and are always their TRUER self. That’s the first key to using your energy positively. When you let go of the layers that you live in, you start embracing your truest form.
  • Embracing change and not getting too irritated about it are traits that every child inherently possesses. That’s the stillness you must tap into, in order to get positive energy. When you haven’t been exposed to anything negative, you automatically fix your focus on positive things. Meditation, yes can help you with this also.

Need I say about how negative energy is a slow poison to our bodies? There’s no denying that when you let the negativity spread in you, you are inviting larger problems for self. Likewise, when you nurture positivity in you, the energies and vibes you attract are insanely positive. Thus, it is a win-win for a child to start meditating. 

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