How I Got My Periods On Track With Meditation |
How I Got My Periods On Track With Meditation

How I Got My Periods On Track With Meditation

9 Jan, 2018

Meditate and hear your body speak by Deepshikha Dhankhar

I must sound crazy to you! For the first time when this occurred to me, I said something like that to myself too. It came to me last year, when my body started to miscalculate the menstrual cycle, that something was going wrong. Initially, I thought that it was ‘normal’ as we are mostly told. But the feeling lingered. Stress, very little exercise and sleeping late were not the only factors responsible for it.

I also realised that from a completely painless period, my cycle started coming with rather uncomfortable cramps and with a delay of 7-15 days. I was really worried by now. As someone who was inclined towards spirituality, I summoned courage one day and in my meditation, asked my cycle “what are you trying to teach me?” The answer didn’t come the first day but I knew I would have it soon.

As I meditated more and more, memories of bad and unfulfilled relationships started coming up, as a motion picture, giving me an unintentional feeling of disgust. I picked up ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay where I read that when we have any problems with menstruation or PMS, it is due to, “… power to outside influences. Rejection of the feminine processes.” I didn’t quite understand that at first. However, as I meditated further, I started seeing how I had given away my power completely to the other person in those relationships and didn’t love or approve of myself anymore.

And as Hay stated the remedy in her book, I started saying to myself “I take charge of my life. I am a powerful dynamic woman. Every part of my body functions properly. I love me.” In a couple of months, my period was right back on track as I attempted to heal my energies. I learnt that sometimes, all it takes to come back to a healthy body and mind is to release negative emotions.

If you are going through something similar, just close your eyes and talk to your body. It is never too late to a happy ‘that’ time of the month 🙂

(Deepshikha Dhankhar is a Multimedia Journalist, Content Marketer and Writer who also provides technical SEO, Copywriting and web content services for businesses of all sizes).

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