How to meditate at work? |
How to meditate at work?

How to meditate at work?

3 Jul, 2019

You wake up in the morning, struggle your way to work, settle at your desk and suddenly realize that you actually forgot to double-check if your door was shut properly. Did you? Oh wait, do you remember that you were supposed to have a con-call with your client yesterday night? Just quickly message the client, please.

Alright, its time for some tea. Didn’t you forget to have breakfast again today?  Wait, did you not forget your tiffin again? Will have to eat from outside again ya! ISN’T ALL OF THIS PRETTY ANNOYING? We get you! That’s why we believe it is very important for you to maintain your composure because stresses like this will ruin your day and health completely.

But what I have come to realize is that you really cannot do much about these things affecting you, but you can- however, control your reaction to it. And in the process, if you can really cut down on these byproducts of stress, why not?

Simple ways to meditate at work 

As a beginner, I used to simply not know how to meditate. But as I learnt it, I realized that it didn’t really rocket science. Here are 3 things I do at my workplace in order to calm the chaos:

  1. Counting breaths: One of the foremost things I do after getting to work is to sit comfortably and shut my eyes and count my breaths. As simple as 5 minutes of this can help me stay at ease the whole day. Sometimes, if I’m getting late for a meeting, I simply take the opportunity on a train.
  2. Affirmations: Even as a kid, I used to really marvel at the power of affirmations. Simply repeating certain things to yourself can go a long way. “I can, I will, I must” is something that I personally keep repeating. If I’m too stressed, I keep reassuring to myself that, “You’ll get through this,” and VOILA! It helps in a big way.
  3. Water: Haven’t you heard it enough number of times that drinking water is your key to wellness? Well, whoever did tell you this- thank them gracefully! Human body majorly consists of water and moreover, you need water to function to the fullest. More so, when you don’t have enough water, your body stops functioning well. Water is an earthly element that is said to be a true magic potion. Don’t believe us? The next time you drink a glass of water, try thanking that miraculous liquid and trust me, you’ll feel more relaxed than ever. Always, sip on a glass of water in your possible mood.

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