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IPL stars Virat Kohli & Shane Watson meditate and so should you!

IPL stars Virat Kohli & Shane Watson meditate and so should you!

24 Apr, 2019

‘Tis the Indian Premier League or the IPL season and we can’t keep calm. Unless you have been living on some other rock, you surely know Indians love IPL. Dashing Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) team captain Virat Kohli clearly is here to make his point. Whether it is about the mental toughness he dons or the power image he carries with himself, this 30-year-old Indian skipper has a lot that we can look up to. So where does he get that focus from? The short answer: Meditation.

Does Virat Kohli meditate?

If you thought meditation only meant sitting quietly in the corner of a room and chanting mantras, you’re partly right. In a famous interview earlier, the top batsman reportedly  said his philosophy to success is to “Stay in the moment and not get carried away with the bigger picture. The result takes care of itself if you do the process right.”

Going by this philosophy, we can say that the captain meditates, but in his own way. We call it meditation because staying focused in the moment while not letting any sort of distractions come in your way is the very essence of meditation.

Shane Watson meditates

Talk about victorious teams in IPL, and you just cannot miss Chennai Super Kings (CSK). After seeing the IPL match yesterday, who wouldn’t want to cheer for man who took 96 runs? Believe it or not, the match yesterday was pretty much run over by this man alone. Yes, we are absolutely referring to Shane Watson. There is no way that you haven’t heard of this Australian cricketer. The right-handed all-rounder doesn’t need an introduction. This CSK player is known for his dedicated and systematic approach towards the game as well as his calm demeanor.  And this right-handed cricketer has, time and again, credited his composure and focus to transcendental meditation.

It is interesting how meditation can help you in unusual ways. If you don’t meditate, grab a meditation chair or just sit on the floor and get started (but only after you are done reading this!).

Why you must meditate too

So, now you already know how meditation can help you focus, handle high-level of stress and also perform at the peak of your skill. But meditation provides many other benefits too. Here’s a list of 3 unusual benefits of meditation:

  •  Reduces the progression of brain ageing: A thicker cortical wall in our brain implies that  brain-ageing could be slowed down. Those who meditate tend to cultivate a thicker cortical wall than non-meditators.
  • Helps you breathe better: This seems like a no-brainer but you will be amazed to know that most of us do not breathe correctly and that is one of the root causes of various illnesses. Meditation allows you to breathe well and this can solve most of your woes naturally.
  • It helps you multi-task better: While a lot of people do say that they are great at multi-tasking, it is not quite true. Meditation is a key weapon that can help you to stay focused. According to a study done by the University of Washington, those who meditate consistently are less prone to switching tasks; however, they are great at multi-tasking.

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