Is reading a form of meditation? |
Is reading a form of meditation?

Is reading a form of meditation?

3 Jun, 2019

You could have various weekend plans from partying to getaways or simply spending time with your dear ones at home. But a lot of us will admit that a killer plan for any holiday is to sit by the window and read a good book at the comfort of your couch. Isn’t this thought itself very comforting? Why is it so? We have an answer!

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“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

When Groucho Marx, the world-class comedian quoted this I found it amusing. Little did I know that years later, this would be a reality in most of our houses in this maddening world. Imagine this- You are in a train full of people but have managed to get a seat. There is chaos all around you, quite relatable? Try this the next time you are in such a situation- Just unmute your senses for a bit and get to reading!

BONUS! You will find yourself pretty relaxed and undisturbed, even in this case. Guess why? Because reading is a form of meditation.  

Why is reading considered a form of meditation

My grandfather used to repeatedly tell us that reading was like meditating. You read a book and that equals to you discovering a part of yourself. Why? That’s because reading perhaps is the most under-rated form of meditation. A lot of researches has found that reading a fiction book has the same effect on your body as that of a powerful session of meditation.

That can be attributed to the fact that a good read of fiction helps you focus on the plotline a little more (more so, because it is not in the realm of your reality). Focus, attention, and relaxation are the three core points of meditation. Furthermore, the studies found that when you read fiction or narrative fiction, you tend to lose yourself for a while.

However, the same studies have enumerated that the same effects may not be true for reading non-fiction as it requires you to think more. That is why you can’t have the same benefits when you read a newspaper.

Reading helps you in multiple ways:

  1. De-stresses you.
  2. Better focus.
  3. Improved thinking.
  4. Consideration of different viewpoints.
  5. The stillness of mind.
  6. Increased concentration.
  7. Relaxes your mind.

When you talk about reading as a form of meditation, it relaxes your body and mind in a great way. That answers why a lot of people read a book right before going to bed.

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