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Looking forward to a promotion? The answer lies in your dreams!

Looking forward to a promotion? The answer lies in your dreams!

9 Jul, 2018

Thriive Global Ambassador and world-renowned Dream Interpreter & Symbology expert, Prof. Kaya, reveals to us, in his own words, the means and benefits of decoding dreams for career success.

”I truly believe that symbolic language, in dreams, even though it seems to be all mixed up (to the dreamer) is actually very precise. It’s a very concrete language that speaks to us directly, if we’ve developed the quality to understand. That’s why learning to interpret our dreams will bring back spiritual autonomy to humanity.

Developing Discernment

Though we all dream, not all remember them. But we can develop techniques for that. We must teach them to children too so that they too can begin to develop their discernment from within. They will understand that dreams are telling them what is positive and what is negative. This is similar to our tendencies, which are a mixture of positivity and negativity. And while they learn to analyze life through their dreams, they can apply the same principles to reality since life is like a dream.

Decoding Messages

If I dreamed that I forgot to take my keys when I went to the office, it means either I don’t want to go to work or I have blockages in me that are stopping me from working. Or, it might even be a sign that I need to take a break, to take some time for myself. So, the subconscious will have created these situations in the dream to tell you or to teach you about something.

Perhaps you drop your keys on the floor and as you bend down to pick it up, your back cracks a little bit. And this will be helping you because your body needed a break and you were ignoring the nagging pain you were having for a few days. You don’t even understand why this thing happened, but it did, for your health and something needed attention, to be liberated within you.


Even in dreams, or in life, nothing happens by coincidence. Everything is totally synchronized in the universe. You get a cab at the right moment to arrive at the right place at the right moment…or, miss your train because you were not meant to be somewhere. You are being guided by the universe because it was meant for you to be on time or reach late, respectively. In both situations, you could meet someone, who will change your life forever. This is not a coincidence.

So, everything we do always has a perspective that is much deeper, and sometimes we can see it and sometimes we can’t because it’s very subtle. But it is always there and we must pay attention.”

About Professor Kaya:
Professor Kaya is a best-selling author and international speaker. His notable work includes Dictionary Dreams-Signs-Symbols and The Source Code. A global expert on Dreams, Signs & Symbolic Language, he co-founded with his wife Christiane, the University / City Mikaël (UCM) that is established in several countries of the Americas, Europe and Asia. UCM is recognized by the Government of Quebec, Canada and Switzerland. It also holds a scholarship from Google. 

Prof. Kaya & Christiane Muller will be presenting at the 11th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences which is being held in Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, from 29th Sept – 2nd Oct, 2018. For more details and to avail the Special Early Bird Offer on donor passes, click here: 


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