Meditation at home- A guide for beginners |
Meditation at home- A guide for beginners

Meditation at home- A guide for beginners

18 Aug, 2020

Am I going to get my work done on time? Did I turn the stove off? What should I make for dinner? Racing thoughts during this lockdown can be stressful and eventually take a toll on our lives. A consistent meditation practice can help us calm our mind and also keeps us relaxed and at peace with ourselves. It makes us feel positive, happy, improves our health, concentration levels and also helps us sleep better. Puneet Trupathi, a Meditation, Yoga and a Power Yoga expert discusses the importance of meditation at home during this lockdown. He also suggests tips to adapt to the practice of meditation.
Keep an open mind towards meditation
Meditation relaxes the body, mind and soul and produces endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin which puts us in a positive frame of mind. Trupathi states that an important aspect of meditation is to have an open mind. Mindset and intentions are the most important aspect for any spiritual practices. Being mindful, spiritual or disciplined allows us to enjoy our life to a great extent. Beginners need to get into the process of meditation and if any uncomfortable thoughts arise during meditation, we should allow them to pass. When we read about meditation or someone narrates their experiences of meditation, we have an expectation of what the experience will be for us. The physical, emotional and spiritual phenomena is different for each of us, so the experience is going to vary. We should just enjoy the real essence of meditation with no expectations. It is advised to continue the practice of meditation daily for 20 to 30 minutes to achieve self-mastery.
Mindfulness is vital 
It is advised not to have a meal 2 to 3 hours before meditation for the purpose of being mindful. Mindfulness means being in the present moment. We should try to sync in with the energies and connect with the peace within us while we meditate. It is advised to follow a meditation regimen in the morning for better productivity throughout the day.
The expert shares his own experiences
The practice of meditation depends from person to person, the form of meditation and the nature of work and activities, a person has to perform throughout the day. Trupathi says that when he has a busy day full of lot of physical activities, he prefers to practice more of Pranayam, affirmations and mindfulness practices. It is important to invoke the sun (yin) and moon (yang) energies to have a balance of the yin and yang energies within us. So meditation can be done in the morning as well as night.
The right meditation teacher can help
Beginners may tend to experience uneasy feelings during meditation. Experiencing headaches, dizziness and aches and pain in the body is normal for those who are not used to meditating. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable since  adaptation takes time. Trupathi advises that beginners should take the transition easily. Sometimes the body may not adapt to the nature of Pranayam or meditation. The role of a meditation instructor who can guide well is important.
Meditation is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual planes
If we don’t know ourselves thoroughly, our strengths and weaknesses, we cannot operate at the optimum capacity. Most of us are in the rat race of survival and accumulation of material wealth and we forget to go inwards. When we are self aware, we find ways to explore and evolve. Meditation is a bridge between our physical and spiritual side.
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