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Meditation for a good relationship

Meditation for a good relationship

9 Jul, 2019

Meditation is an immensely powerful practice and even though it helps immensely in our spiritual growth and attaining peace in our lives, with many people focusing on this practice as a means of attaining salvation and transcending the human consciousness, meditation has also been known to be helpful in our daily lives and as a creative force for healing our relationships as well.

There are plenty of meditation practices discovered from ancient cultures as well as the growing research in the field of metaphysics, along with the developing technology has given us the ability to see it from a different perspective and channeling the benefits of this ancient practice for manifesting an abundant life with harmonious, soul fulfilling relationships.

In an age where people are awakening to the limited constructs of relationships being showcased in popular media, people are becoming more conscious about connecting with the primal force of humanity that seeks love, nurturing, affection and unions based on heart connections. Humans are not only acknowledging this emotional need that pushes them out of their comfort zone as a veritable spiritual understanding, but they are also moving towards a more collaborative approach as they learn to place more trust in their partners and view relationships as important part of their soul journey. 

Meditation practices not only help in strengthening relationships between people in this fast paced life, but even helps them address the core issues by learning to identify them and being courageous enough to acknowledge and work upon these issues. These ancient practices that are meant to honor our heart space more are even about questioning the limited, unhealthy and even toxic notions of relationships and partnerships that are handed down to us as culture.
As we learn to view our relationships as sacred with their own purpose in our soul journey, not only are we enabling ourselves to grow in our abilities of understanding and connecting with people different from our mindspace, but we are allowing ourselves the choice to look through these issues and patterns as part of our spiritual growth which are meant to transform a limited consciousness where we are attached to identity and notions we set up for ourselves and others. 

1) The Pink Light technique practiced by Ishaya monks (Ishaya is a Sanskrit word for ‘consciousness’) to help them free their mind from limitations and toxic notions handed down as conditioning. 

This technique is about visualizing a pink light emanating from the heart space and encompassing the auric body in a light of pink sphere. Awaken the emotions of being loved and nurtured. Now, remember the most loving version of you from your memory and project this aspect of yourself outside of this sphere of pink light. Remember the people you love and cover them in this sphere of pink light before you move onto the next.

This technique is also great for those who have experienced abuse and wish to transcend this experience into a more loving version of themselves. 

2) Visualization techniques for forming soul unions and connecting with your heart centre can also help you in manifesting an ideal partner. 

3) Mindfulness helps us break out of the conditioning handed down from media or peers and helps us be more aware of what we are searching from our deepest cores to be manifested in our relationships. As we are made more aware of these that constitute our true selves, and letting go of notions that hold true for us, we are becoming more conscious about the kind of connections we are expecting for ourselves and what holds true for us, but even the complexities of a partnership that we are not taught to notice. 

4) Learning about empathy and how to empathize helps partner understand each other more deeply and also to accept each others’ differences much better. It is also about letting the couples feel more acknowledged, more seen in their relationships and break through the monotone. 

5) Fostering understanding and kindness towards our partner helps us overcome the stress and disagreements that often result in misunderstandings, flared tempers and a sense of disconnect. It is a helpful technique amongst couples that just can’t seem to make another day together and who have a lot of bitterness stored in their heart. 

6) Developing patience and learning to accept another person’s point of view is one of the key factors for a successful relationship. As we practice Heart Chakra Expansion/ Opening, we are learning to be more patient in our relationships, and either managing our expectations or learning to communicate those to our partners in an apt manner.         

Madhulika Mitra is a fantasy connoisseur, a realm creatrix, a shadow-seeker, and a cosmic cardslinger.

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