Meditation for Kids: Why it should be a must-follow tip for you as a parent? |
Meditation for Kids: Why it should be a must-follow tip for you as a parent?

Meditation for Kids: Why it should be a must-follow tip for you as a parent?

9 May, 2019

As a kid, I would always think that meditation was for adults. It was only after I started meditating that I realized that I was wrong. As a parent, teacher or simply as an adult, most of us think that meditation and yoga are not for kids. It could be because of the way we think about meditation as a whole or simply because we associate meditation with just stillness of mind. But let me bust this bubble for you- IT’S NOT JUST THAT.

Meditation is about everything that can soothe your soul and help you to become more aware. Don’t both of these seem like traits of maturity for you? In fact, it isn’t! Both of these features are about being happy from within. As a parent, isn’t that what you want for your child? Then, you must read on!

Why should kids meditate?

Adolescent and teenage years are the very foundations of one’s personality. That’s is why it is believed that whatever you teach your child or learn as a child remains with you forever. The younger the kids learn to meditate, the better it is for them. Very honestly, it is because when you learn to be self-aware and empowered while respecting your inner voices, you automatically live a peaceful life.

Apart from just this, here’s why kids should meditate- totally:

  1. Better emotional handling: Your teen years are the years when you experience emotional fluctuations like the influx of emotions or an outburst. It is also the time when you don’t know how to channelize your emotions well. Emotional intelligence and sensitivity to emotions are two fields that meditation can help you with.
  2. Improved concentration: Don’t we all want our kids to be highly attentive? Especially during the childhood years, who wouldn’t want their kids to be highly attentive? That’s why we suggest you teach them to meditate early. Various studies have proven that meditation helps your child with improved concentration and boosted memory.
  3. Psychological issues: Kids who meditate face fewer psychological issues like fear, anxiety, etc because they are already equipped with their solutions.
  4. Self- awareness and self-regulation: Self-awareness is almost like a synonym of meditation. When you are aware of yourself, you will automatically perform in your best capacity. Self- regulation is a total must-be trait. The minute you learn about your inner self and how your thoughts work, you will weigh down on all your negative reactions. This elimination will help you to take charge of your emotions and behaviours in a rather regulated manner.
  5. Personality development: Let me tell you an open secret- every child can become a business tycoon or a millionaire or just like any role model that you yourself have had. But the secret is- personality! A good personality acts like a magnet to success. What is common between Oprah Winfrey, Jack Hughman, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Jobs and Padmasree Warrior? Of course, they are all too successful and yes, each of them swear by meditation, but yes- they have infectious personalities. That’s what happens when you meditate. You nurture your inner self while tapping on all your wellness!

So what are you waiting for? Get your kids to meditate from now on!

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