Meditation for teens and students: Why it is essential |
Meditation for teens and students: Why it is essential

Meditation for teens and students: Why it is essential

20 May, 2019

The academic year is around the corner and there isn’t anything as stressful for parents as their children’s education. But even as a teenager or an adolescent, you are bound to undergo a lot of changes in your body and mind that make you anxious. Teenage anxiety is a legit problem, and so is the stress related to studies- therefore, these need to be addressed in time.

Meditation for teens

When there’s a complaint from your child’s school or tuition classes saying that he is ignorant or mischievous, you might think it is an awesome idea to ask “why did you do that”? To which, your child might retort with a plain, “I don’ know” and trust us, he/she is not wrong. A lot of hormonal changes in the body occur during the time that these kids hit puberty and however you may choose to deny it, it causes a lot of changes in one’s physical as well mental state.

Hyper activeness, restlessness, extreme anxiety, recurrent mood swings, and uncontrollable anger are some of the characteristic features of teenage. Coupled with this is the constant struggle of putting up with peer pressure and studies. All of these points, indicate the very need to calm down and be more mindful of one’s thoughts. That’s where meditation comes in!

Here are 3 must-practice meditation techniques for your uber cool children:

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  1. Breathing exercises: Let your child sit down and focus his attention on breathing. Let him pay attention to the way that the breath flows in his body. Let there be stillness inside the child. As and when they complain that their mind is wavering, gently tell them to focus again. Pro tip: Don’t force the child to think in a certain way, just gently suggest focussing their energy and attention only on their breath cycle.
  2. Compassion meditation: Kindness and compassion are two of the most underrated but most-needed emotions in today’s world. These are qualities that need to be inculcated in adolescents so that they can utilize it in the longer run. Being compassionate helps in forgiving others as well as accepting oneself fully well. All your child has to do, is breathe deeply, and focus attention on their heart while redirecting your breath there. Now, they must create an image of themselves and look forward to staying their happy, smiling selves. Let them embrace their dreams fully and let go of all the negativity. You will notice remarkable changes in your teen’s behaviour within weeks of practicing this meditation.
  3. Walking meditation: This one is a personal favourite. All that you have to do is begin walking (at home or preferably outside) and focus your thoughts on your steps. Notice and appreciate the nature around you. Focus on your senses. What do you feel? Feel completely!

All of these are specific meditation techniques for your children to enhance their personalities. A happy mind, calm spirit and a smiling face can really go a long way.

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